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Student Learning Assessment at Delta College

The mission of student learning assessment is to collaboratively establish a systematic process leading to gathering, interpreting and using information about student knowledge, skills and intellectual development for the purpose of improving student learning at Delta College.


  1. To have clear academic goals be the cornerstone of what we choose to assess so that the data we collect will have educational value to faculty, administration, and the communities we serve.
  2. To think in advance about how the information will be used, and by whom, so that the information will be connected to issues or questions that people really care about.
  3. To recognize that learning is an extremely complex process calling for a variety of assessment tools that must be used over time so as to reveal change, growth, and increasing degrees of integration.
  4. To develop formative, ongoing assessment that entails a linked series of activities undertaken over time.
  5. To assess the assessment process itself to refine it in the light of insights gained.
  6. To keep the focus on learning and teaching so as to meet the obligation to ourselves, our students, and society to improve.

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