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Program Outcomes: Chemical Technology – Associate in Applied Science
Outcome 1: Describe chemical concepts and terms (KNOWLEDGE/COMPREHENSION)
Outcome 2: Apply chemical principles to solve scientific questions (APPLICATION)
Outcome 3: Use safer procedures with appropriate equipment / instrumentation in a laboratory utilizing chemical materials (SYNTHESIS)
Outcome 4: Evaluate results from chemical experimentation (EVALUATION)
Outcome 5: Summarize scientific observations in a cohesive presentation (COMPREHENSION)

Program Outcomes: Environmental Technology – Associate in Applied Science
Outcome 1: Identify applicable environmental regulations.
Outcome 2: Demonstrate safe work practices contained in the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s
(OSHA) 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) standard.
Outcome 3: Describe pollution prevention techniques.
Outcome 4: Apply environmental science concepts appropriately.
Outcome 5: Utilize appropriate procedures to collect samples.

Program Outcomes: Water Environment Technology – Associate in Applied Science
Outcome 1: Possess the knowledge and skills necessary to succeed in an entry-level position in a water treatment/wastewater facility.
Outcome 2: Prepare for state certification exams.
Outcome 3: Operate within the context of relevant environmental and drinking water regulations.
Outcome 4: Explain how their daily professional actions protect the public health and the public environment.

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