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General Education at Delta College

General Education is the process by which a student acquires the core knowledge and fundamental skills to become an educated person and life-long learner. CORE KNOWLEDGE is the understanding and appreciation of the social, cultural, technological and scientific developments of society. The educated person has the ability to apply this core knowledge to function effectively and creatively in every aspect of life. The LIFE-LONG learner is able to both update this core knowledge and develop individual potential in a dynamic environment. General Education, therefore, provides the framework essential to the survival and success of our society. (Approved by Board, June 1992).

General Education at Delta College is:

  • A Process - It's purpose and intent is to transform the learner through intellectual and personal growth.
  • Embedded - Learning core knowledge and fundamental skills in an applied context is critical to give the Delta student an advantage in the workplace, at baccalaureate institutions, and access to global opportunities.
  • Ability Based - Delta faculty accept shared responsibility for teaching and assessing general education learning outcomes for students in all academic classes.
  • Diverse - Diverse teaching and learning strategies by the faculty promote and enhance the quality of learning outcomes among a student population with diverse learning styles. While we acknowledge core standards and values, we value the variety of ways general education skills can be learned and applied.
  • Assessed - Delta's general education program is continually reviewed to improve how it serves our students, our community and Delta College.

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