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Academic Career Experience & Service Learning

Benefits for Students Participating in the ACE Program

As a participant of the ACE Program, you will

  • gain practical experience in your chosen career field
  • have the opportunity to apply skills and knowledge learned in the classroom to actual on-the-job experiences
  • earn money for school tuition and expenses
  • have the opportunity to work with state-of-the-art equipment
  • learn how to work in teams and adapt to different employment situations
  • learn how to work with colleagues in a professional atmosphere
  • develop the technical skills specific to your major
  • learn the workplace "know-how" essential for successful employment in a high performance workplace
  • establish contacts for letters of reference and begin networking for future employment
  • form decisions about job compatibility
  • acquire significant work experience to list on your resume
  • experience will increase the value of your degree
  • develop confidence and learn to interact professionally with your workplace peers
  • learn job-seeking and job-holding skills such as: resume writing, professional letter writing, interviewing and career development preparation
  • test your interests and set educational, professional and personal goals for the future
  • improve your opportunities for post-graduation jobs
  • discover a variety of employment options within your academic discipline
  • often face ethical decisions in the workplace, therefore, developing moral integrity
  • step outside your college environment and experience the culture of organizations and real-life expectations in the workplace
  • invest in your education and, at the same time, increase your worth as a future employee
  • reality-test careers and make choices based on relevant work experience in a chosen field
  • develop a positive attitude about future career options; have faith in your ability to be successful; and exhibit greater independence in your own judgments
  • improve your understanding of the relationship between theory and practice, which results in greater academic and career success

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