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Academic Career Experience & Service Learning

Roles and Responsibilities

Role of ACE Staff

The ACE staff is dedicated to helping the student prepare for and successfully complete his/her work assignment. The staff is responsible for educating the co-op student to the interpersonal skills vital to all business situations, such as: team management skills, exceptional customer service, telephone techniques, sexual harassment, personality judgments, e-mail etiquette, business ethics, behavioral interviewing techniques, financial planning, etc. These topics are covered in the related ACE class.

The ACE staff is available during office hours. Appointment schedules are posted in the office. Office hours are adjusted each semester to make the staff as accessible as possible.

ACE develops opportunities, facilitates the process, and helps students to develop the skills needed to successfully compete in the job market. This requires the student to have a positive attitude, put forth the effort, and continually communicate with ACE staff.

The Student

It is expected that each student will participate fully in the ACE program and the employment process. The student's general responsibilities include:

  1. Becoming familiar with ACE policies and procedures
  2. Becoming familiar with respective company's policies and procedures
  3. Meeting all deadlines
  4. Keeping the ACE office informed of address and status changes

Upon acceptance of a co-op position, the student is required to do the following:

  1. Stop searching for other positions and reject all future interview requests and job offers
  2. Understand the decision to accept a job is final and stand by the commitment made to the employer (minimum one year commitment)
  3. Academic Career Experience office of the job you have accepted
  4. Enroll in the ACE course at the earliest date provided by the Co-op Advisor
  5. Attend all ACE class sessions
  6. Continue to meet or exceed ACE Program and employer requirements

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