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Academic Career Experience & Service Learning

The Significant Benefits

The Student

  • Provides work experience which is relevant to academic major and career goals.
  • Helps to define career goals so that more realistic job choices can be made.
  • Establishes valuable professional contacts and broadens job opportunities after graduation.
  • Provides income to help with college expenses.
  • Increases self-confidence; interpersonal, communication, and leadership skills.
  • Enhances motivation and classroom participation by relating academics to the world of work.
  • Cultivates a network of professional contacts that will prove helpful over the course of student's career.
  • Provides potential to earn up to 10 college credits.
  • Creates a student who can handle more difficult assignments (than non-Co-op students) and highly productive employees.
  • Provides students sense of independence.
  • Develops communications and critical-thinking skills.
  • Fosters faster professional maturity.
  • Provides career exploration and allows students to plan for the future.
  • Provides opportunity to work for a diverse number of companies--from Fortune 500 corporations to small entrepreneurial firms.
  • Introduces student to the concept and reality of lifelong learning and specific preparation for professional skills.
  • Enables the student to confirm career objectives before graduation.

The Employer

  • Accessible year-around supply of well-trained and highly motivated student employees who want to work and learn.
  • Opportunity to initiate projects not funded in the basic budget and to undertake short-term endeavors.
  • Lends relief for an organization's more skilled permanently staffed professionals to perform other tasks and to act in supervisory roles.
  • Cost-effective means of evaluating the potential of future employees without making a long-term hiring commitment.
  • If a student employee is hired later in a permanent position, significantly less training time is needed.
  • Consideration as co-educators with opportunity to exchange ideas and developments, including joint research.
  • Enhances image of the organization as socially responsible.

The College

  • Receives feedback on quality and relevance of its academic programs and course content.
  • Receives relevant information on current research and development in the employer/employee sectors.

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