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What ACE students say about the program

My co-op experience has taught me how to deal with people better and also how to become a harder worker. I deal with people and difficult, unexpected situations on a daily basis, so I have really learned how to better deal with them. Learning these things has shown me that I am a good people person, and I can deal with people and situations that I am not necessarily expecting. I really appreciate the program because it allows people to not only work and go to school, but also learn specific things in their career fields. It is very hard to find this in other jobs, and it is something I have come to realize and appreciate. The program helps many students and employees to study and learn how to be good future workers and prepares us to have success in our futures. – Zachery

As an ACE student, I learned many things that helped prepare me for my next job. The biggest things I learned are the things I learned about myself. Learning that I work well under pressure is very valuable and will keep me from getting too stressed when there is an urgent piece of work that needs to get done. Also, learning about what a corporate environment is really like will help me on my next job; I am prepared to focus on my work rather than on all of the other things going on around me.  -Greg

I can still remember my first day has a co-op at Nexteer Automotive; I was really nervous and didn’t know much about working for a corporation or in a professional job. I have grown so much personally and educationally in the last 2 years as a co-op--in great part to my co-workers and ACE class.  In the ACE class, on the first day, we went over proper handshakes.  At first, I thought it was really weird and pointless, but little did I know!  I use what I learned that day multiple times a week. I also am very grateful for the mock interview and phone interview I did in my ACE classes; they really prepare you for the real world and you get such great advice and feedback from each one.  -Kyle

The growth in my communication skills is just one of the many areas that I have grown in from being in the workplace. I have experienced many different international interactions with fellow colleagues from around the world, which has helped me focus on really listening on the words being said along with language barriers that may be present while communicating with them.  -James

I am grateful that I have completed almost two years of ACE related course work. These two years have helped me grow as an employee and as a better individual. The courses have taught me how to become a good manager, because we learned how to manage people, how to be successful, etc. I have grown within the business by staying organized, learning new tasks every day, and meeting new people. I’ve also grown in the workplace because I am more accepting of feedback now. Before I had this class, I did not like to hear negative feedback.  The ACE courses helped me realize that both negative and positive feedback are good to learn from. -Haley

When first starting at Delta and taking my first ACE course in the fall, I have to say that I was slightly nervous and skeptical upon what I would or wouldn't learn from the course. I have to say I am very thankful and pleased I had the opportunity to take the ACE courses these past two years. I’ve learned much more than I thought possible and gained more knowledge that not only benefited me each semester, but in my long-term career as well.
Through taking each ACE course, I have learned that I have not only matured as a college student, but as a worker in the professional business world as well. I’ve learned to be more open with others, and it is okay if I am confused at times because asking questions isn’t a crime; it simply shows that you care. I’ve also learned that it is okay to make mistakes in college or at work, for it simply shows that I am trying. Through co-op, I’ve learned how to control my stress and manage my schedule and be more productive in the long run.  For a new ACE student, I would simply give them the advice of keeping an open mind about the course and simply trying their best when it comes to work and class. There are moments where it will feel very overwhelming, but that’s life. We have to learn that there are bumps in the road, but they are there for a reason. We have to learn from them, keep a positive mind, and keep pressing forward. I also want a new ACE student to know they are very much blessed to be where they are in life. Many individuals don’t have the privilege to go to college or even hold a steady job. The fact that co-op students have the opportunity for both is such a blessing, and I hope no student is blind to to it.  -Ashton

The biggest thing to learn, based on my growth while in the ACE Program, and the answer to any question can be summed up by one word—responsibility. Responsibility is, by far, the most important take away I have from my experience. It is something that you will be faced with day-in and day-out. It is something that will grow on you as time goes on. I’ve learned to embrace responsibility, realizing that it is the most important factor. This has helped me evolve from a student to a business professional. – Brandon

During the past two years or so, I have been taking the ACE course because I co-op and go to school. At first I thought this class was silly and pointless, but I really have learned a lot. I have grown in many ways, especially in how I am at work. I have noticed that, throughout the courses, I have started to be much more efficient on the job and feel that my opinion is important. I have started to come forth when I think I have valuable ideas about how something could be done better. I have also noticed that my communication skills have grown greatly. I now know effective ways to communicate praise and criticism and how to phrase questions. I have really seen my confidence grow, and I don’t feel just like a 'co-op.' I feel like a functioning, valuable part of the company. – Katie

ACE has really taught me a lot about the work place but, more so, it taught me a lot about myself. From taking the related courses, I’ve learned that I am a leader and that I like to take charge in a group situation. I’ve also learned that I like to include everyone and make it a habit to make everyone feel welcomed and their voices heard. These things I have learned about myself have helped me decide which direction I want to go with my future career. I want to work in human resources specializing in recruiting and onboarding new employees. This is a great fit for my personality and skills set, and I believe I would thrive here. This is something I would have never considered before taking the ACE classes but have come to realize it will be a great fit for me through the topics discussed in this class. – Alexandra

The main point I would express to a new ACE co-op student would be that these classes can and will help to develop personal and long term job skill sets. Even though these classes may seem like such a hassle to be required to take, they really do pay off in the end. I have learned many skills and obtained knowledge that will be very beneficial to me for future endeavors. – Paige

Both my work experience, as well as the co-op classes, have helped me grow into an exceptional employee. They have helped me gain familiarity with the company I work with now and insight for my future career by characteristics and traits that make a good employee. But most importantly, it has helped me gain a better knowledge of myself as a person, the areas that I excel at, and those that I need to grow in. I have gotten a firmer grasp on the qualities that employers look for--trustworthiness, responsibility, respectfulness, integrity and professionalism, to name a few. Through my work experience at Dow, I have strengthened my communication skills. Speaking to strangers on a day-to-day basis has fortified this ability I didn’t have much of before. I’ve also created many friendships with co-workers and classmates that have made this co-op experience worthwhile! I don’t believe it could have been any better.
– Austin


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