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Academic Career Experience & Service Learning

Service Learning Course Designation

Academic service learning courses can be designated each semester by following a simple procedure. This designation process allows students to choose whether to take a course with a SL component, assisting them in meeting civic engagement graduation outcomes, and can provide valuable data that will help the SL Office with its annual reports and meet its continuous improvement goals.

“Academic service-learning is a credit-bearing teaching/learning method that combines meaningful community service with critical, reflective thinking so that students gain greater application of course content and an enhanced sense of civic responsibility.” 

Academic Service-Learning – Required Components

For your course to be designated as a service-learning course, you must incorporate service learning as a distinct course component or module, or concentrate on a single principle or issue.

The essential components of academic service-learning are:

  • meaningful service to the community
  • a clear connection between course outcomes and service activities whereby each enhances the other for all participants
  • structured opportunities for students to use their service activities in synthesizing course content
  • Use of structured reflection to enhance learning from service  

ASL Course Designation Procedure

  • Fill out the Request for Service Learning Course Designation (CREATE A LINK HERE!).
  • Submit the online form to the SL Office.
  • The application will be presented to a review board for approval of all SL designated courses.
  • If an area of your application does not meet the qualifications for designation, a member of the Academic Service-Learning Advisory Board (AS-LAB) will assist you in further developing your course so it does meet the requirements.
  • Once approved, courses will be designated in the online class schedule and officially on student transcripts upon successful completion of the course.

Thank you for considering service learning as an opportunity for your students’ success at Delta College.

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