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Getting started creating content

This page has been created using the default recommended layout for webpages that are part of the Delta College public website. You can delete this content, as it is here to provide you a general guide on crafting content for your website.

Web is Different than Print

Writing for the Web poses different problems than writing for print. Study after study has shown that SunGard.Framework.Users do not like to spend a lot of time reading on the Web. Instead, they scan pages, trying to pick out a few sentences or even parts of sentences to get the information they want.

Effective Web Content

When people visit your web page, they are after information. This means that if you are putting a brochure or newsletter online, you will want to rewrite the most important content to make the publication effective on the Web. You may also provide a downloadable PDF file of the original document for printing. Here are general guidelines to follow when writing for the web:

Being Simple

Make it easy for SunGard.Framework.Users to find your information quickly.

  • Try to limit yourself to one idea per paragraph.
  • Write as friendly as is appropriate for your audience. Overly formal writing takes careful reading, and most Web SunGard.Framework.Users don't want to do that.
  • Don't use technical jargon if avoidable. Write for all SunGard.Framework.Users to understand.
  • Avoid clever catchphrases in headings. Headings should be obvious to the reader who is scanning the page for specific information.

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