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Financial Aid Information for Parents

The first step your child would need to take in order to apply for financial aid would be to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). This application can be completed online. If you and your child have any difficulty in completing the FAFSA, you can both come into our office and a staff member can assist you. Please be sure to bring your Social Security Numbers, Driver’s Licenses, proof of any income such as Federal 1040 Tax Returns, W-2s, Social Security benefits, Welfare benefits, proof of any other untaxed income received last year.

By completing the FAFSA, your child will be considered for any grant or work-study assistance. Once we receive the results of the FAFSA from the Federal Government, we will create a financial aid file that will go through a review process. Ultimately, once a decision has been made, we will send your child an award, denial, or follow-up letter directly to their Delta email account.

The FAFSA is very important in putting together a financial aid package for your child. Most of the financial aid award programs that we offer require data obtained from the results of the FAFSA.

Even if you feel that, based on your family’s income, your child will not qualify for any grant or scholarship assistance, you would still have to complete the FAFSA in order for them to be considered for a Federal Stafford Loan.  It may be true that your child will not qualify for any gift aid—but the government wants us to make sure. We want to capture any and all possible gift aid that your child may qualify for to limit the amount they may have to borrow in student loans.

The Federal Stafford Loan information (and application) is available on our website.

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