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Business and College Services

Budget Cabinet Members 2013-2014

Tim Allen

Chair of Faculty Salary Committee 2014  

Wendy Baker

Immediate Past Chair of Budget Cabinet & Faculty-at-Large appointment through June 2016

Pam Clark 

Executive Director of Institutional Advancement 

Toni Clegg

Faculty-at-Large appointment through June 2016

Chris Curtis

Chair of Chairs

Cheryl Dzurka 

Chair of ECAPS 2014 

Doug Freed  

Dean of Enrollment Management 

Janis Kendziorski

Chair of Budget Cabinet & Faculty-at-Large appointment through June 2015

Tom Kienbaum

Representative of Facilities Maintenance Union

Kathy King 

Faculty-at-Large appointment through June 2014 

Debra Lutz

Vice President of Business & Finance

Ryan McCracken

Chair of SSEC 2014  

Margaret Mosqueda

Vice President of Student & Educational Services

Mike Rowley

Board of Trustees

Stacy Smith

Associate Dean of Academic Systems & Student Achievement 

Deb Temperly 

Faculty-at-Large appointment through June 2014

Liz Ullrich

Chair of FEC 2014

Andrea Ursuy

Assistant to the President/Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Barb Webb 

Information Technology Contract Administrator

Karen Wilson

Interim Vice President of Instruction & Learning Services


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