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Student Employment

Part-time Student Employment

Career Services is the employment office for all student employees, except for students interested in Co-op. If you are enrolled at the College and interested in working on the main Delta campus, at off-campus centers or in non-profit community agencies while attending school, apply at Career Services as soon as you have registered for classes.

The majority of student employees are hired in August/September. However, openings do occur at the beginning of and throughout each semester.

Benefits of Student Employment

Student Employment at Delta College can:

  • Provide you an opportunity to receive training and/or experience in a very diverse working environment
  • Give you an opportunity to gain a sense of work, its responsibilities and expectations
  • Assist Delta College departments in carrying out their responsibilities and expectations

The experience and references gained from your student employment position may open the door to full-time employment off-campus after program completion.

Position Examples

Student employees work at a wide variety of jobs such as those listed below. To review the specific duties, locations and requirements of jobs currently available, visit Career Services or login to to sign up for access to online job listings.

Audio Visual Assistant 


Broadcasting Assistant

Photography Lab Assistant

Child Care Aide

Planetarium Assistant

Clerical Assistant

Postal Clerk

Computer Lab Assistant

Science Lab Assistant

Computer Technician

Social Service Aide

Crisis Telephone Worker

Fitness Center Attendant


Public Safety Officer/Dispatcher

Food Service Worker

Tutor, Elementary & College

Library Assistant

Writer (news, sports)

Wage Rates

Delta College complies with the State and Federal Minimum Wage laws.


What is Work-Study?
The Federal and Michigan work-study programs provide job leads for students who need financial assistance to attend college. Students receive bi-weekly paychecks which can be used at the discretion of the student.

Delta College has both on-campus and off-campus Work-Study positions. Off-campus positions include non-profit organizations such as schools, libraries, and social service, recreation, youth and other community service organizations.

Who is eligible for Work-Study?
Eligibility for Work-Study is determined by completing and submitting the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Aid) form. Be sure to list code 002251 in step 6 on the form. To be eligible a student must demonstrate financial need, be at least a half-time student (enrolled in at least 6 credits) and be a citizen or permanent resident.

How do I apply for Work-Study?
Complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) and indicate you are interested in the Work-Study Program. The Financial Aid Office will notify you of your Work-Study eligibility.

Work-Study funds are limited - Apply early!
Work-Study awards are usually granted for the Fall and Winter Semesters. To obtain Spring/Summer eligibility, you must complete the Delta College Spring/Summer Financial Aid Application available after February 1, on the Delta College Financial Aid website.


Many student employment positions are available regardless of financial need. So, you are encouraged to ask about all positions.

Minimum Delta College Enrollment Requirements

The following guidelines apply to the employment of all students.



Non Work-Study

International Student

Fall or Winter

6 academic credit hours

6 academic credit hours

12 academic credit hours

Spring and/or Summer 5-15 weeks

6 academic credit hours

(To receive work study funds for the Spring or Summer session, students must enroll in at least one of the six credits for that session. If all 6 credits are in the spring or summer session students will receive work-study funds only for the session they are enrolled.)

6 academic credit hours

6 academic credit hours

Maximum Hours of Employment

Students may not work more than the maximum hours noted below. Check with Career Services if you wish to hold more than one on-campus student job to be sure that you do not exceed the weekly college maximum hours for student employees.




International Student**


28 hrs/wk

28 hrs/wk

20 hrs/wk


*From the first Monday in May through the last Friday in August

28 hrs/wk

28 hrs/wk

28 hrs/wk

Semester Breaks

Check with Career Services Office

28 hrs/wk

28 hrs/wk


*Work-Study students will have individual limits based on enrollment and eligibility. Keep track of your earnings. Work-Study students working on-campus may work more hours than your award allows (up to the maximum above) if your supervisor agrees to pay the difference.


**See International Student Section Below

International Students

Immigration regulations place certain restrictions on hiring non-immigrants who are enrolled as students in educational institutions in the United States. Prior to beginning on campus employment, a Social Security card must be obtained.

Enrolled international students with an F-1 visa are permitted to work part-time on campus for a maximum of 20 hours per week Fall & Winter and 28 hours per week Spring & Summer, without requesting special permission.

Students with a J-1 visa must obtain permission to work in any capacity. For more specific information, consult the International Student Advisor located in D102, (989) 686-9507.

Refer to Minimum Delta College Enrollment Requirements and Maximum Hours of Employment sections above for additional information.

Student Employment Hiring

  1. Complete Student Employment Application in Career Services Office D102 or online at
  2. Review Job Postings in Career Services, on the Job Boards and the special website several times a week and request a referral for jobs which interest you.
  3. Contact prospective employer for interview.
  4. If you don't have a job within 2 weeks, ask for help at Career Services.

Proof of Work Eligibility

All new student employees must complete an Employment Eligibility Verification (Form I-9) before beginning work. If hired, you must provide documentation showing you are eligible to work in the United States. Examples of appropriate documentation include a passport; driver’s license and original Social Security card; or driver’s license and birth certificate with a raised seal.

After You Have Been Hired/Payroll Sequence

  1. Complete New Hires Packet with Human Resources in J-101.  This must be completed before you may begin work.
  2. Review your work schedule and time sheet and web time entry procedures with your supervisor.
  3. Bi-weekly payroll checks are available for pickup with a photo ID at the Cashiers’ office on the payroll date. See Payroll Period/Pay Date Information (PDF)
      For those students who have direct deposit, your payroll advice will be available on your MyDelta employee account. 
    • Stop working when:
      • Enrollment is less than the minimum required number of credit hours.
      • Enrollment period listed on Referral Form ends, or total Work-Study award amount has been earned unless employer agrees to change status to non-Work-Study.
      • At end of the semester if notified by supervisor.

    Injury on the Job

    Supervisors are responsible to report all on-the-job injuries immediately to Public Safety at ext 9111 for treatment and completion of accident reports. Student employees are covered by Workers Compensation Insurance.

    Termination of Employment

    1. You are hired on a semester to semester basis. An employing department may release you at the end of a semester without providing a reason; reasonable notice should be given, when possible.
    2. Under certain circumstances (examples: not showing up for work, non-performance, or unethical or illegal activities), you may be released mid-semester.
    3. All student employees must be afforded the opportunity of due process in situations of dismissal. Supervisors must discuss the situation with the Director of the Human Resources Office prior to any mid-semester termination in order to assure student of due process.

    Student Employee Resignation

    You should notify your immediate supervisor at least two weeks prior to leaving a job. This is a good employment practice and should be carried out whenever possible.

    Unemployment Compensation

    Under the terms of the Michigan Employment Security Act, Delta College students and student spouses are normally excluded from coverage. Any specific questions related to unemployment compensation should be directed to the Human Resources Office.

    Affirmative Action

    It is the policy of Delta College not to discriminate in employment, education, public accommodation or public service on the basis of religion, race, color, national origin, age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, gender identity, height, weight, arrest record, veteran status, disability, or other classifications as required by applicable U.S. federal, state or local law. Direct inquiries to the Equity/Compliance Officer, Delta College, 1961 Delta Road, Office J101, University Center, MI 48710, telephone 989-686-9547, or email

    Sexual Harassment Policy

    Delta College is committed to maintaining an educational and employment environment free of sexual harassment. Contact the Equity Officer with any concerns.

    Grievance Procedure

    Employment problems may arise between students and employers and the procedure for handling these problems is as follows:

    1. The student should meet with his/her immediate supervisor and an earnest attempt should be made by both parties through informal discussion to resolve the problem.
    2. If the student does not feel the situation has been satisfactorily resolved, he/she should discuss the problem with the department head or the Dean of Students.
    3. Should the student still feel the problem has not been satisfactorily resolved, he/she should obtain a Student Grievance Form from the Human Resource Office and file a written grievance within 14 calendar days after the occurrence or circumstances on which said grievance is based with the Student Employment Committee.* This committee will act as a formal hearing panel. Grievance forms should be returned to the Director of Human Resources Office.

    Within twenty (20) calendar days of the receipt of a written grievance, the Student Employment Committee shall hold a hearing (if deemed necessary). The Director of Human Resources Office shall advise the parties involved of the date, time, and place of the hearing.

    Within ten (10) calendar days, the panel shall make, in writing, a ruling specifying the findings.

    Further appeals should follow established college policies. This grievance procedure shall not prevent any grievant from contacting an outside agency or instituting legal proceedings.

    *The Student Employment Committee consists of the Director of Human Resources (chairperson), the Career Services Coordinator, and representatives of Finance, Financial Aid and Business Services Offices.

    *Supervisors should be aware that a student may choose to file a complaint through the Equity Office if he or she believes that discrimination has occurred. Students may elect the above state Grievance Procedure or the Equal Opportunity/Equity Grievance/Complaint Procedure, but not both.

    Contact the Equity Officer for more information.


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