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Student Employment Injury/Accident Reporting

Procedure December 2004

If an employee (Student Worker's included) sustains a personal injury or occupational disease, which arises out of and in the course of employment, the employee must file a work-related claim of injury or illness.

  1. All injuries/illnesses must be reported to Public Safety (Ext. 9111) within 24 hours of the injury/illness.
  2. Injuries/illnesses requiring treatment must use Covenant Occupational Health Services located at 600 Irving Avenue, Saginaw, MI 48602 within tens days of the injury. If treatment requires first aid only, the officer on duty shall administer first aid. If the employee needs to be transported to Covenant, Public Safety will make any decisions regarding transportation. The injured employee must contact someone other than a co-worker to transport them for treatment.
  3. If at the time of the injury/illness you need to seek treatment, authorization must be given by Public Safety or the Human Resources Office (Ext. 9106) prior to receiving treatment. Employees electing to seek their own treatment will be responsible for all payments incurred.
  4. If treatment is needed, other than at the time of the injury, the employee must contact the Human Resources Office (9106 or 9107) for authorization to seek treatment at Covenant Occupational Health Services.
  5. All employees seeking treatment due to a work related injury or illness will be drug and alcohol tested at the time of the visit.
  6. The employee will be responsible for providing the Human Resources Office and their immediate supervisor with a copy of their physician's statement.

Human Resources will complete the appropriate forms to be forwarded to our Workers' Compensation Company, if necessary.

Any bills the employee receives as a result of the work-related injury/illness must be sent to the Human Resources Office.

Any lost time as a result of a work-related injury or illness will be reported as sick leave, if available.

Injuries/illnesses occurring off campus, which are work-related i.e., at a College off campus facility or center, College sponsored trip, or approved off campus work assignment) shall be reported by phone as per instructions mentioned above.

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