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Developmental Education

COMPASS® Placement

COMPASS® Information

The COMPASS® is a computerized placement assessment created by ACT® that Delta College uses to place students into first-year courses. There are three portions in the COMPASS® assessment: writing, reading, and mathematics. Admitted students may not have to take the COMPASS® depending on their ACT® scores. If students are required to take the assessment, we highly recommend they prepare for it by reading and following the advice of the brochure (PDF). This is important because students may or may not be required to take developmental courses based on their COMPASS® assessment scores. After students complete the assessment in the testing center, they will receive a printout that explains what their scores mean. Students can also have a counselor or advisor in D-102 help with their COMPASS® assessment scores, and the COMPASS® placement tool (see below) is helpful as well.

COMPASS® Placement Tool

If you would like to see what your COMPASS® scores mean, there is a tool (XLS) that will help you. You can also use this tool for placement after you have received any grades from developmental English courses.


How to Prepare for the COMPASS® Assessment

Click here for the brochure (PDF)  that will help you prepare for  the COMPASS® assessment. 

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