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Disability Resources


The Office of Disability Resources is committed to ensuring nondiscrimination based on disability, as well as keeping all information regarding a student's disability confidential as required/permitted by law.

All student files are kept confidential - only Disability Resource's staff has access to student files, which are kept separate from academic records. In order to ensure confidentiality, as well as limiting access to student files, all disability related information must be filed with the Office of Disability Resources. Students should not send or bring documentation to the College until they are prepared to register with an Intake Interview in the Office of Disability Resources. However, information in files may only be released to persons, agencies, other students, parents, or associates without permission from the student, except in certain cases:

  • Legitimate/need-to-know basis only if there is compelling reason for disclosure
  • A student states they intent to harm themselves or another person(s)
  • Reports or describes any type of abuse (physical, neglect, sexual)
  • Reports the use of illegal drugs for non-medical purposes
  • Court order or subpoena

It is important for the student to complete a Release of Information form (PDF), which is used to request documentation of a disability from a medical or counseling facility where the disability was diagnosed. This form also identifies the person(s) with whom the file information will be shared.

If at any point the student would like to review his or her file information, the student may contact the Office of Disability Resources.

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