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Global Peace Studies Program

Understanding World Issues

Delta's new Global Peace Studies program is a unique interdisciplinary program designed to increase students' understanding of the complex causes of our world's major issues such as war, crime, environmental decline and poverty and develop the knowledge and leadership skills needed to reduce conflict and enact positive change.

The amount of interest in peace-related studies has been building at Delta for decades. It all began when a Global Awareness Program originated at Delta just over 20 years ago. Since then, initiatives in related areas include human relations committees, diversity task forces, a service learning office, an international travel committee, sustainability initiatives and a Global Awareness Program. Thanks to these numerous initiatives, the College is working to launch a program concentrating on Global Peace Studies which will be led under the direction of Associate Professor of Psychology, Jeff Dykhuizen.

Global Peace Studies Program Information

The program will offer an Associate in Global Peace Studies degree as well as a certificate in Peace Studies. The mission of the Global Peace Studies and Certificate is to provide, through experiential education, an awareness and deep knowledge of factors affecting global peace and conflict. The program will help students develop the skills necessary to effect lasting positive change in the world.

Students in the associate's program will be required to take a cornerstone course "Introduction to Global Peace Studies" and a capstone course in Leadership for Positive Change, which will involve action projects in our communities. An additional 21 credit hours in Global Peace electives will also be required. Students can choose one of four tracks as their focus including, Social Justice, International Business, International Relations and the Global Environment. Students completing the degree path will be able to easily transfer to a program at a four-year university should they choose to further their education.

Global Peace Studies is a great program for anyone who has an interest in service to his or her fellow neighbor. Students who are transferring into programs focusing on counseling, anthropology, sociology, history, science, criminal justice, nursing or business will benefit by graduating from Delta with a global perspective and an ability to navigate in this diverse world of ours.

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