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Journalism Courses

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ENG 115
Mass Media

(3 credits)

Surveys books, newspapers, magazines, recordings, film, radio, television, advertising, public relations and electronics. Includes media history operations, products, current issues and criticisms (45-0) 

ENG 116

(3 credits)

Prerequisite: ENG 115 or permission of instructor. Studies fundamental principles of gathering information and writing basic news stories. Emphasizes the elements of news, the lead, Associate Press style, news sources and structures of news stories. (30-30)

ENG 216W
New Media Writing
(3 credits)

Prerequisite: A college level composition I course with a "C" grade or better, or permission of instructor. Focuses on creating multimedia texts and creatively and appropriately remediating print texts for interactive electronic environments, identifying and selecting the most appropriate media for a given purpose, and writing critically and knowledgeably about issues and questions raised by digital culture. (45-0) 

ENG 217
Advanced Reporting

(3 credits)

Prerequisite: ENG 116. Focuses on advanced journalistic techniques and news gathering methods, handling specialized assignments in government, crime, courts, sports, business and education plus editorial columns and entertainment reviews. Class members work on The Delta Collegiate. (30-30)

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