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A Profile of the English Division

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The division was created in 1969 when the number of English faculty became too large, outnumbering faculty from other disciplines (art, foreign language, music, philosophy and speech) that comprised the Humanities Division (The division has been chaired over the years by:

  • Maurice S. Alberda, 1969-December, 1973
  • Gerald L. Hall, December, 1973-April, 1977
  • Donald B. Halog, May, 1977 - April, 1995
  • Leslie Prast, April, 1995 - May, 2000
  • Larry Levy, May, 2000 - April, 2007
  • Roz Weedman, May 2007 - April 2011
  • Ray Lacina, May 2011 - April 2013
  • Denise Hill, May 2013 - Present

Courses Offered

  • College Compositions Courses.  Student enrollment is primarily in this two-semester composition sequence which is required for the associates of arts and science degrees or transfer certification programs.  Honor sections of the two courses have been offered since 1985.  Class capacity for these courses is 20.
  • Exploratory Teaching (Elementary and Secondary)  These courses were added to course offerings in 1973 for students planning on majoring in elementary and secondary education.
  • Basic English Courses.  Since 1986, when the college instituted an entry assessment program, the division's basic English enrollment has increased.  Enrollment in basic English courses constitutes about 30% of the division's credit hour production.  Class capacities range from 15-18 students.  Some of those courses include
    • Introduction to Academic Reading and Writing (WRT 090),
    •  Introduction to College Reading and Writing (WRT 098)
    • Reading and Vocabulary Development (ENG 108),
    • Academic Reading (ENG 109)
    • Elements of Grammar (ENG 107)
  • Literature Courses.  Literature courses in high demand are Holocaust History and Literature (ENG 262), Introduction to Mythology (ENG 241), and Women's Literature (ENG 285).  Class capacities range from 20-25.  The division also offers courses such as:
    • American Literature to1865/since 1865 (ENG 271 and ENG 272
    • Childrens/Preschool Literature (ENG 251 and ENG 250)
    • Biblical Literature:  Old  Testament (ENG 245)
    • British Literature (ENG 242)
    • Film (ENG 226 and ENG 227)
  • Other Courses.  the division also offers courses in advance writing, journalism, and creative writing.


  • Division Chair.  The division is chaired by a faculty member appointed by the Board of Trustees upon the advice and consultation of division faculty.  The chair represents the division on Academic Council and at staff meetings of the Vice President of Instruction.
  • Full-Time Faculty.  There are 31 full-time faculty.  Faculty average 15 years of experience and nine have been employed for 20 years or more.  Their undergraduate and/or graduate degrees represent institutions from all parts of the country.
  • Adjunct Faculty.  Currently we have 40 adjunct faculty.  All have at least a master's degree.  Most teach the two-semester composition sequence.  Adjuncts teach approximately 35% of the course offerings during the fall and winter semesters.  In the summer session, the adjunct share increases to about 75% of the total division schedule.

Division Sponsored Events

  • Writing Contests.  The divisions sponsors two writing contests for students enrolled in "for credit" courses. 
    • LAND Writing Contest is a state-wide competition  Students compete for cash prizes at the local level.  The first and second place winning entries in  three category (essay, fiction, poetry) are sent on to compete in the state-wide competition for additional cash prizes and a chance to have their works published and distributed to Michigan community colleges.   This contest takes place in the fall semester.
    • League For Innovation Literary Competition is a nation-wide competition.  Students compete for cash prizes at the local level  in four categories (essay, fiction, poetry, one-act play).  The first place winning entries go on to compete in a national competition for additional cash prizes and to have their work published and distributed to community colleges throughout the United States that are members of the League for Innovation.
  • Other Events
    • Poetry readings for the college community.
    • Exhibits and activities related to literacy.

Student Awards

  • Skip Renker Creative Writing Award
    • The Skip Renker Creative Writing Award was established by the Delta College Foundation to recognize a top Delta College student writer.  

      Entrants submit a portfolio of writing created for one or more Delta College writing courses. The portfolio may include any (or a combination of) poetry, fiction, and non-fiction work.  The winner is given a cash prize and plaque.  The award is presenting in May of each year.

  • Margaret Timm English Award

    • This award was established by Mr. Wesley Timm in memory of his wife Margaret Timm. A Bay City native, Mrs. Timm attended Bay City Public Schools and Bay City Junior College concentrating on foreign languages and graduating in 1931. She continued her studies in foreign languages at the University of Michigan. In 1933, she graduated with a major in Latin, minors in French and German, a K-12 Teaching Certificate and a Phi Beta Kappa key. At Central Michigan and Purdue Universities, she earned two Master degrees in English. When Garber High School opened, she was head of the English Department and introduced Advanced Placement English. For 30 years, Mrs. Timm emphasized excellence in all her classes as she prepared the students for college and life. At age 80, Margaret retired in 1993. She passed away in 2001. Mr. Timm, a member of the "Committee of 300" (considered to be founders of Delta College), passed away in 2007. Programs considered for this award: Journalism and/or emphasis on courses within the English Division Nominees must submit two writing samples. The English Division faculty will select the award recipient.


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