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Financial Aid Office

Attendance Policy

Enrollment Status for Eligibility

Initially, your financial aid is based on your enrollment status at the time of registration. You should be aware, however, that your final award will be determined based on your enrollment status as of the end of the official refund period for each class. Please refer to the attendance guidelines below as well as the Return of Funds Policy before you withdraw from classes to know how your financial aid will be affected. Contact the Financial Aid Office at 989-686-9080 if you have any additional questions.

The Delta College Financial Aid office recalculates Federal awards if the student’s enrollment status changes at any time within the term.  This policy is applied consistently to all students receiving Federal aid. Example- A student’s financial aid will be recalculated whose enrollment status increases from half-time to full-time, and it will be recalculated for a student whose enrollment status decreases.                 


Attendance Guidelines for Financial Aid

Never Attended: If a student receives a grade of an F, W, or WI, Federal Title IV aid will be adjusted for those classes never attended. Example: A student is in four classes which are all three credit classes. The student receives three A grades and one F grade. The instructor reported that the student never attended the class that received the F grade. Aid will be adjusted from 12 credits (full time) to 9 credits (three-quarter time).

Complete Withdrawals: If a student receives only the following grades (F, W, or WI) without one passing grade, a return of Title IV calculation may have to be done. If attendance has not been achieved up through the 60 percent point of the semester, a calculation is done to determine the amount of the Title IV funds that the student has earned at the time of withdrawal. Once the 60 percent point of the semester passes, a student has earned 100 percent of Title IV funds and no calculation would be necessary.

Withdrawal from Modules: A module is defined as a course or courses in a program that do not span the entire length of the payment period or semester. If a student withdraws from an individual module and does not complete all of the days s/he was initially scheduled to prior to ceasing attendance, a return of Title IV funds calculation must be performed to determine the percentage of financial aid earned. The days in all modules for which the student initially registered are included in the total number of calendar days within the payment period, except for any scheduled breaks of at least five consecutive days. This is true even if the institution cancels a class or drops the student from a module due to lack of prerequisite or for other reasons. 

If a student provides written confirmation of his/her intent to attend a future module within the semester, it is not necessary to perform a re-calculation, however the student’s future attendance within the semester must be tracked. If it is determined that the student failed to attend a future module, a recalculation must be performed.

Determining Withdrawal Date: The withdrawal date to be used when a student receives an F, W, or WI grade is the last date of attendance reported by the instructor.

Return of Funds Policy

 When a student withdraws completely during a semester, the amount of financial aid (Federal grants and loans) that you have earned must be determined. If you received more aid than you have earned, the excess aid must be calculated. The amount of aid is determined on a pro rated basis. If you have completed less than 60 percent of the semester, the amount of aid you have earned must be calculated. For example, if you completed 40 percent of the semester, you have earned 40 percent of the aid you were awarded. Once you have completed more than 60 percent of the semester, you are considered to have earned all of your financial aid. Books that are not needed because of dropped/canceled classes should be returned to the Bookstore immediately for credit to your account.

If a student withdraws from courses that do not span the entire length of the semester and did not complete all of the days they were scheduled to prior to ceasing attendance, federal regulations require that the portion of financial aid that was not earned must be returned to the appropriate Federal aid program. 

You will be responsible for repaying any unearned aid that you were not entitled to receive.  You must make arrangements with Delta College to repay the unearned funds in full.


Return of Funds Fact Sheet (PDF)

Flow Chart - Will I Owe Money Back? (PDF)



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