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Work-Study Guidelines and Opportunities

FEDERAL WORK-STUDY is a self-help program to assist students with college expenses. Work-study provides part-time job opportunities on campus and at some non-profit organizations off-campus. Work-study students receive bi-weekly paychecks, and use the earnings to pay their educational costs such as living expenses, transportation, books, etc.

You must be enrolled in and attending at least 6 credits by the semester census date to receive any work-study award. If you enroll in less than 12 credits, your work-study maximum earnings may be reduced or cancelled. A work-study student may work up to 28 hours per week.

Frequently Asked Questions about Work-study

How much will I earn?
The amount listed on the award letter is the maximum full-time award that you can earn on the work-study payroll for the semester(s). After you earn your limit, the department may choose to employ you as a non-work-study student for the rest of the semester.

Will work-study affect my other aid?
No, work-study will not affect the financial aid offered to you by the college. Work-study may reduce or eliminate your need for a Federal Direct Stafford Loan. This will help to keep your loan assistance to a minimum, which will be a benefit to you in the future.

Will work-study earnings this year adversely affect my financial aid award next year?
No, just the opposite is true. All earnings from employment this year will be included in next year's financial aid need analysis except those earnings from a need-based employment program.

What kind of work is available?
You may be considered for employment in many college departments or divisions, both on-campus and at off-campus centers. Delta College also has work-study agreements with certain off-campus, non-profit organizations. Such associations include schools and libraries, as well as social service, recreation, youth and community service organizations. Jobs related to a student’s major can frequently be obtained.

How will I find my work-study job?
Contact the Delta College Career Services Office.  You will not be paid as a work-study student unless your employer gets a referral form from you and returns it to the Delta College Human Resources Office. Even if you are returning to a former job, or have found your own job opening on campus, you must have a referral form for the current academic year.

If you need special accommodations call (989) 686-9077 or from Midland/Auburn (989) 495-4000, Ext. 9077.

For additional information regarding Work-Study, please contact Career Services.


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