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Endowed Teaching Chairs

Recipients of the 2014/2015 Endowed Teaching Chair awards hold their ceremonial checks during a reception in late January 2015. Top, Donald & Betty Carlyon Endowed Teaching Chair; second, Robert DeVinney Endowed Teaching Chair; third, Karen MacArthur Endowed Teaching Chair; and bottom, SunGard Higher Education Endowed Teaching Chair.

To recognize and reward excellence in teaching, Delta College established the Endowed Teaching Chair Program, providing an opportunity for permanent investment in supporting outstanding teaching at Delta College.  An endowed teaching chair can be established with a contribution of $100,000. The Chair will be established in the name chosen by the donor.

Academic excellence begins with faculty. Consequently the gift of an Endowed Teaching Chair is among the most important contributions that can be made to Delta College, and thus to the thousands who are educated at Delta College.

Each year, a faculty member is selected based upon their demonstrated outstanding ability, and they receive a $5,000 grant. The grant will be used for expenses to provide a margin of excellence for the teaching/learning process.  This may include professional development activities, books, teaching materials and related travel costs.

The outstanding teacher selected will occupy the Endowed Teaching Chair for one year. After each appointment term, the selection process reopens, bringing fresh attention and visibility to the name in which the Endowed Teaching Chair is established.

The name of the donor will be continuously associated with the honor and distinction that is bestowed upon the most outstanding teacher identified by Delta College. Along with this ongoing recognition, the donor's name or the name selected by the donor will be listed in the

Four Endowed Teaching Chairs have been established at Delta College. They are in honor of the following:

Donald and Betty Carlyon Endowed Teaching Chair

The College’s first Endowed Teaching Chair was funded by donations in tribute to Delta College President Emeritus Don Carlyon and his wife, Betty. Mr. Carlyon served as President from 1964 until his retirement in 1992. The Chair encourages faculty to pursue a professional activity/project and related follow-up, which may include the development of new academic modules, infusion activities or service learning opportunities.

Robert DeVinney Endowed Teaching Chair

Robert DeVinney

Robert DeVinney was a Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science at Delta College from 1961 until his retirement in 1991, and lost his short battle with cancer in 2000. He is remembered for his dedication to students and as an innovator both in and out of the classroom. Professor DeVinney received the Bergstein Award for Teaching Excellence and the Don Laughner Award for Creative Change, and helped Delta to embrace the comprehensive community college concept during the 1960s as the leader of "The Summer Project", often referred to as the single most important event in the history of Delta College.

Karen MacArthur Endowed Teaching Chair

Karen MacArthur began her employment at Delta College in 1982 as Director of Telelearning, and assumed the duties of Executive Director of the Delta College Foundation in 1986. She also served as Executive Director of Institutional Advancement when that office was created in 1996, and retired from Delta College in 2007. During her tenure, the College’s endowment grew from a market value of $400,000 to more than $12 million, and the College received more than $50 million in contributions from the private sector. Friends, family members and colleagues established this Endowed Teaching Chair upon her retirement.

SunGard Higher Education

With annual revenue of $5 billion, SunGard is a global leader in software and processing solutions for financial services, higher education and the public sector. SunGard also helps information-dependent enterprises of all types to ensure the continuity of their business. SunGard serves more than 25,000 customers in more than 50 countries, including the world’s 50 largest financial services companies. Delta College has contracted with SunGard for information technology services since 1996.

For more information about Endowed Teaching Chairs at Delta College, contact Pam Clark, Executive Director of the Delta College Foundation, at (989) 686-9225.

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