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Delta College Foundation

Since 1978, the Delta College Foundation has raised funds to support opportunities and innovation at Delta College and has filled critical financial needs. 

Delta students in class.

Donors, alumni and community members who support Delta College financially have a huge impact on the lives of students. Through your generosity, area residents are able to overcome hurdles as they pursue their dream of a college education.  We encourage you to be a strong supporter of our mission.



Woman in classroom with other studentsThe Delta College Foundation began in November 1978, when three men - Stuart Bergstein, Donald J. Carlyon and Everett Luce - signed articles of incorporation for a new organization. The Foundation became officially incorporated by the State of Michigan on January 12, 1979. The purpose of this tax-exempt entity was simple – "to receive and distribute gifts, bequests, contributions, grants, etc., for the benefit of Delta College."

The Foundation has ranked in the top 20 community colleges in the realm of fundraising since the mid 1990s, ranking as high as third in the nation in 1999 and again in 2015. In 2015, it also ranked as the top community college in Michigan in its fundraising efforts. We continue to ensure that financial support is being provided to Delta College students with a margin of excellence unlike any other institution.

Our Mission, Vision & Values


To change lives by supporting opportunities and innovation at Delta College.


To be the primary choice of giving.


Focus, Accountability, Integrity and Respect (FAIR)

Our Goals for The Year Ahead

Building Student Scholarships

  • Our goal will be to increase the dollars available by increasing the value of current scholarship endowments.
  • This may include additional contributions to existing endowments, establishing new funds or soliciting smaller donations to build our Foundation Student Scholarship Fund.

Humanities and the Transfer Experience

  • By helping students to think and imagine, they will build the skills needed to examine ideas and values.
  • Humanities at Delta College are creating students educated in social justice, sustainability and the impact of humanity on our society.
STEM Education in the Region
  • We will help our Great Lakes Bay Regional community see Delta College’s interdisciplinary approach to learning in STEM.
  • We will support activities where academic concepts are coupled with real-world lessons.
  • We will fund initiatives to get more young people engaged in STEM learning, while making connections to Delta College’s relevant curriculum. 

Delta College has raised more than $90 million to support its students in private sector donations.


Through Delta College scholarships made available by private donations, nearly 500 students are able to go to college with less debt, and less worry. 


Many individuals choose to make their largest contribution at the end of their lives through their estate planning documents.  20% of all estates today are donated to charity.

Wills and Living Trusts

It's not hard to make sure your favorite charities are remembered upon your passing.  90% of all estate gifts are the result of simple plans such as wills and living trusts.

Pamela Clark

"Connecting with community supporters to talk about Delta College brings a tremendous amount of satisfaction.  It's rewarding to know that the work of our Foundation Board members and staff can have such a positive affect on students and the residents of the Great Lakes Bay Region."

Pam Clark
Executive Director of Institutional Advancement