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Clinical Entry Registration Process

Clinical Entry Registration 

During the registration period every individual will waitlist themselves and at the end of the registration period the system will rank order individuals based on several criteria.  A cumulative score will be obtained by ranking the semester of validation, grades earned in anatomy and physiology as required by your program, residency status, giving preference to in-district students, total credits taken at Delta College and overall GPA earned at Delta College.  If a tie exists the higher overall GPA will break the tie.  The semester of validation is still the most important criteria and has the most points assigned to it.


Q: Will everybody receive a time to register on a particular day?

A: No. All validated students can register at any time between the dates above. At the end of the registration period the system will rank order individuals based on the criteria the most important being semester of validation.

Q: I can't figure out exactly HOW to 'waitlist' myself?

A: During the registration period from the dates above you will be able to register for the class. Select "Waitlist" from the drop down menu.

Q: How long after the end of the registration period, after I waitlist myself, will I find out if I get into Fall 2011 Clinicals?

A: You will be notified within the next week by mail.


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