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Health & Wellness Division

Health Lab

The Health Lab provides flexible and independent learning resources, structured simulation, and skills labs to enhance the learning of enrolled students.

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Health Lab Areas of Interest

Service Area Desk (F-275) - The service desk is staffed during the hours that the lab is open. The desk is staffed by individuals who can assist you in obtaining assigned materials and assigning a space to practice.

Skills Lab - Practicing healthcare procedures in a simulated clinical setting provides excellent learning opportunities. Instructors schedule skills labs as part of the academic course, and it is a required meeting of the course.

Open Lab -  Students are encouraged to come to the Health Lab to practice the skills that have been introduced in a course.

Lab Access

The Health Lab is open to all enrolled Delta students for use in completing assigned course work. A picture id, i.e. your Delta id, is required in order to use the resources. You must sign in at the front desk. 

Lab Requirements

  1. Treat manikins as you would a real patients, including patient privacy. Review HIPAA if you are unsure what this means.
  2. Markers, pens and printed paper (assignments) must be kept away from manikins. Ink will transfer like a tattoo to the manikin. 
  3. Please be aware video cameras are recording at all times.
  4. No eating or drinking is permitted in the lab.
  5. Please avoid loud behavior as it will disrupt other patrons.
  6. If your program of study has a Delta student uniform it is required attire in the Health Lab.

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