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Health and Wellness

Lifelong Wellness Instructors

Below is the contact information for all current Lifelong Wellness Instructors, Winter 2010. The preferred method of contact is email unless otherwise noted.

Instructor E-mail Address
 Phone Office
 Allen, Amy    P-160
 Allen-Burnstein, Brooke
 702-895-5473  P-160
 Auman, Joe
 Barber, Peggy
 989-686-9183  P-162
 Black, Sandra
 989-631-8489  P-160
 Chorba, Beth
 Cosens, Charlie
 Garth, Sandu
 989-752-7500  P-160
 Hager, Trish
 989-686-9124  N-102
 Hoppe, Renee
 989-686-9591  P-167
 Jimenez, Kara
 989-686-9286  P-165
 Ketelhut, Everett
 989-280-1209  P-168
 Legg, David
 989-686-9028  P-163
 Majchrzak, Jon
 989-686-9525  P-169
 Murphy, Carla
 989-686-9588  P-166
 Neal, John
 225-572-2813  P-168
 Neveau, Lee
 Pfenninger, Lisa
 Pierce, Tricia
 Przygocki, Ginny
 989-686-9276  B-130
 Radaz, Kurt
 Renker, Skip
 989-686-9174  S-015
 Rivet, Joe
 Scott, Kim
 Smith, David
 989-686-9121  A-003
 Stanley, Gary
 Wiesenauer, Jenni    P-160
 Yelsik, Mike

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