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Health & Wellness Division

Technical Standards of PTA Student

Technical standards are based upon and include the following entry-level duties and activities of a Physical Therapist Assistant as defined by program outcomes, input from our advisory committee and national accreditation.

The physical therapist assistant will be able to safely perform quality physical therapy treatments to the patient including implementation of tests, measurements, modalities, exercise programs, gait, balance and transfer training.  Technical tasks will include patient and room preparation, manipulation of physical therapy equipment, performing technical and ancillary tasks necessary to provide patient services per institutional policy.

  1. Effectively and promptly communicate with multiple internal and external individuals including patients, families, physical therapists, physicians, other healthcare professionals, etc.
  2. Safely lift/push/pull medical equipment in excess of fifty (50) pounds with or without assistance.
  3. Safely transfer patients with or without assistance and without restrictions.
  4. Successfully complete all required program clinical experiences and required program courses.
  5. Safely guard patients during transfers, gait training, or balance exercises with or without an assistive device, orthotic, prosthetic, or exercise equipment.
  6. Perform manipulative tasks such as:
    1. safely utilize and set parameters on electric/thermal equipment
    2. complete sterile and/or clean dressing changes
    3. assist patient in donning/doffing prosthetics/orthotics
    4. safely transfer patient to/from bed, floor, cart, toilet, mat table, treatment table (plinth), wheelchair, chair or whirlpool
  7. Safely perform physical therapy treatments, such as:
    1. prepare cold/hot packs with covering and position it on patient
    2. position and reposition patient supine, prone, sidelying, and sitting according to their health condition on a hospital bed, mat table, plinth, or wheelchair
    3. move a patient's appendage to perform or assist them with exercises
    4. perform a massage on a patient
    5. position patient in, around or with exercise equipment, set parameters and monitor treatment
    6. position patients while performing tests and/or measurements on patients' body
  8. Respond appropriately and promptly to emergency situation.
  9. Assess a patient's condition through interaction with patient and caregivers, observation of conditions and behaviors, and review of charts.
  10. Document patient treatment sessions and complete insurance billing appropriately and accurately.

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