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Health & Wellness Division

DMS Program Application Checklist

Delta College Enrollment

All prospective students applying to Delta College must submit the following to Admissions prior to registering for classes:

  • Completed Delta College application.
  • College transcripts, if applicable, from all previous colleges attended.
  • Submit to:

    Registrar's Office
    Delta College
    1961 Delta Road
    University Center, MI 48710

Students must then follow the Delta College admissions process with assessment and orientation.

DMS Program Validation

The following must be submitted no later than the last day of the semester in which you plan to validate:

  • Two professional letters of reference documenting your employability skills (e.g. letters from employers, supervisors of volunteer work, professionals with whom you have worked, etc.)
  • Completed Sonography Observation Report.
  • Documentation of volunteer/work experience in the medical field if applicable. (This should be a letter from your employer or supervisor documenting the length in hours and type of volunteer or work experience.)
  • Copy of all college transcripts (including Delta).
  • Copy of CPR Certification Card
  • Student Application Form
  • Documentation of graduation from an accredited Allied Health program, if applicable.
  • Submit to:

    Kim Boldt
    Delta College
    1961 Delta Road
    University Center, MI 48710

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