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DMS Program Admission Criteria

Students are accepted into the DMS Program under Option A or Option B. For both options, entry into the DMS program is through a validation process. Only students who are validated may attempt to register for DMS courses. Validation will include: 1) meeting all admission criteria; and 2) qualifying under Option A, or obtain a "B" (3.0) grade or higher in each course for Option B. Students must have a minimum of nine (9) points to be considered. In addition, all students must demonstrate English competency - reading and writing - with a minimum of 76 on Accuplacer reading and 81 on Accuplacer writing prior to application.


1. Prerequisites are met under Option A or Option B.


Graduate of an accredited Allied Health Program. If you have not had college level physics, this class must be taken and completed with a "B" (3.0) grade or higher; Medical Radiography will meet this requirement. =+4 points


Overall GPA from BIO 140 or BIO 152 and BIO 153, HSC 105, PHY 101 or PHY 111, ENG 111, ENG 113, COM 114, or transfer equivalents - each course must be completed with a "B" (3.0) grade or higher).

3.0 - 3.2 = +1 point
3.3 - 3.6 = +2 points
3.7 - 3.9 = +3 points
4.0 = +4 points

2. Completed Sonography Observation Report .

8 Hours Minimum = +1 point
16 Hours or more = +2 points (maximum of 8 hours per observation site)

3. Two professional letters of reference documenting your employability skills (letters from employers, supervisors of volunteer work, professionals you have worked with).= +1 point

4. Documentation of current CPR certification = +1 point

In addition to the required admission criteria, the following criteria are optional ways to increase your overall point total:

  • Completion of additional college courses in math or science related to the DMS field, (determined by the DMS coordinator), of equal or higher level than prerequisite courses, with a minimum "B" (3.0) grade = +1 point for each additional course. Examples of courses that qualify: HSC 140, MTH 119 or higher, CHM 101, and BIO 203.
  • Documentation of volunteer/work experience in the medical field approved by the DMS Coordinator. This should be a letter from your employer or supervisor documenting the hours and duties of the volunteer/work experience.

Up to 100 hrs =+1 point
101 - 400 hrs =+2 points
401 - 1200 hrs =+3 points
more than 1200 hrs =+4 points

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