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Honors Program

Honors Courses

These are samples of the Honors classes typically offered. There are many more Honors classes available, and some of the classes described here may not be offered every semester. If none of these classes fit into your schedule, consider doing an Honors Option.

Current Honors Course Offerings

College Composition I
English 111H (3 credits) aims at making you a more fluent, effective, creative, and confident writer. You will have opportunities to share your writing with your classmates and to meet one-on-one with your instructor. ENG 111H is offered in the Fall and Winter semesters.

College Composition II
English 112H (3 credits) is a continuation of ENG 111H and works to expand your writing abilities and includes academic research writing. This course is offered Fall and Winter semesters. Prerequisite: ENG 111

Honors Speech
Fundamentals of Oral Communication, COM 112HW (3 credits) and Interpersonal Communication, COM 114HW (3 credits) are designed to provide an in-depth experience in communication theory and practice through considerable discussion and interaction among students. COM 112HW is usually offered in the Fall semester and COM 114HW is offered in the Winter.

Human Heredity And Sexuality
If you are looking for a fascinating, cutting-edge science/lab Honors Course, then BIO 199H (4 credits) is the class for you! You will explore the roles that inheritance and sexuality play in deciding how we act. You will also look at the ethical, legal and economic implications of advances in biotechnology. Guest speakers, videotapes, and field trips will help you appreciate the role of science in the world today. BIO 199H is offered in the Fall semester. Prerequisite: High School Biology and Chemistry or permission of instructor.

Honors Colloquy
Honors Colloquy, IHU 201HW/ENG 201HW (3 credits) is a highly interactive course designed for Honors students. This class will help you develop advanced critical and creative thinking skills. You will explore thinking as a process and concentrate on developing clear writing skills. You will also get to know your classmates and discover more about yourself. Colloquy is offered both Fall and Winter semesters.

General Psychology
Honors Psychology, PSY 211HW (4 credits) will go beyond learning the basic principles behind human experience and behavior by applying it to case studies and your own life experience. This course is offered Fall and Winter.

Learning Community
The Power of the Past is a combined course of College Composition II (ENG 112H) (3 credits) and Survey of Early Western Civilization
(HIS 111HW) (4 credits). The course integrates the history of Early Western Civilization with composition focusing on the development of humanism in Western Civilization.  This course is offered in the Winter semester only.

Seminar in Social Issues
This interdisciplinary course, IHU 282H/SOC 282H (3 credits) will explore a controversial topic each semester.  Past topics have included: rumors, riots, mobs, religious fundamentalism, UFO's as a social phenomenon, and cults and counter cultures. Guest presenters with special expertise in areas such as sociology, history and philosophy will aid in discussions. Students will learn through discussion, reading, and critical thinking. Short essay papers and a group presentation will make this class a rewarding experience. This seminar is offered in the Winter Semester.

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