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Delta College Honors Program adopted three miles of Michigan’s highway as part of the Program’s community outreach to keep our state clean. Three times per year, Honors Students from Delta College volunteer to meet and clean! According to the official website: “Adopt-A-Highway is a Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) program designed to help keep the state’s highway roadsides clean and attractive. Participants adopt both sides of a section of state highway roadside to clean up over a two-year period.” For more information, visit the Adopt-A-Highway website.

Women of La Paz Micro-economy Project

Former Delta College Honors student Brianna Acker started the "Women of La Paz" project while a Rotary exchange student in the village of La Paz in Mexico.  She and others did several community projects throughout the year and she wanted to continue helping this community even after she returned back home.  Brianna was fortunate to receive the Women in Public Affairs district award from Zonta, a professional women's organization, and used 800 dollars of the money to fund initial purchases and start up costs. 


The micro-economy project involves approximately 15 women from the outskirts of La Paz, Mexico. Many involved in the project live without electricity and running water.  The extremely high unemployment rate has left most families without basic necessities.  They seek to provide themselves and their families with daily meals.


The Rotary Club in Mexico is helping the women with the project management, insuring equal treatment among all members.  The Rotary club Bahía de La Paz seeks to teach the women basic skills in accounting and business management, knowledge the women will be able to apply to all their future endeavors.


The potholders are original and the design ideas belong directly to the women involved in the project.  Donations raised in the United States by the goods are then sent, through the morning Midland Rotary Club, back to the Rotary Club Bahía de La Paz. The Rotary club Bahía de La Paz is responsible for distributing the monies evenly among the women.


The Delta Honors Program has adopted the "Women of La Paz" micro-economy project as a means of promoting micro-economics and educating students and the larger community about conditions in Mexico and about Mexican-American relations.  The project also falls under the Honors Program's 2009-2010 theme, "Communities Working Together."


For more information about the project or about purchasing potholders, please email



Brianna Acker with women from La Paz, Mexico




Chicken potholders designed and made by Women of La Paz.  $12 each or $10 each for two or more.



La Paz, Mexico

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