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Delta College's Art Department maintains regularly updated, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities. From it's large-scale digital projection system in the art history lecture hall to the well-equipped digital labs with industry-standard graphic design software, from it's spacious design studios to it's new digital ceramic kilns, from the professional photographic lighting systems to the well-lit drawing and painting studios, Delta's facilities and equipment help prepare students to become professional artists and designers.

2-D Design Studio Classroom - S104 - Students have access to drafting tables, matte-cutting equipment, and critique walls within the well-lit spacious two-dimensional design classroom.

3-D Design, Ceramics and Sculpture Studio Classrooms - S134-S140 - Students have access to Delta College's three-dimensional design, ceramics and sculpture studio classrooms where they are instructed on the safe usage of a variety of woodworking saws, clay tools, and fabrication techniques essential to creating three-dimensional pieces. Students enrolled in ceramics I and II have access to electric throwing wheels, a fully stocked glaze room, and new digital kilns. 3-D design, ceramics and sculpture students also have access to a project presentation and critique classroom.

Art History Lecture Hall- S105 - Delta's Art History classes are taught in the college's state-of-the-art lecture theater. The digital projection system facilitates crystal clear, large scale, multimedia projection onto an enormous screen.

Digital Media and Graphic Design Studio Classroom - S101 - Digital media and graphic design courses are taught in a classroom equipped with the up-to-date Macintosh computers that are fully loaded with the latest industry standard software packages. Assignments are taught hands-on via two large-scale ceiling mounted digital screens.

Photography Darkroom, Lighting Studios and Photography Classroom - S231-S234- Students have access to Delta's traditional wet darkroom, to industry standard digital printers to produce photographic prints. We boast excellent lighting systems that students access for assignment production, as well as for project and portfolio documentation.

Drawing Classroom - S204 - Located on the top floor of the Fine Arts building, the Drawing studio classroom is spacious and brightly ENG with a combination of natural, incandescent and fluorescent lighting. It is well-equipped with new easels and stools. Students have access to drawing boards, to anatomical and skeletal and a variety of drawing props.

Painting Classroom - S201- Also located on the top floor of the Fine Arts building, the Painting studio classroom is spacious and well-lit with a combination of natural, incandescent and fluorescent lighting. It is equipped with easels, stools and taborets. Students have have access to a variety of props, additional lighting, painting storage bins, and sinks for clean-up. There is industrial ventilation to remove paint fumes.

Student lockers - All Art & Design students have free access to personal storage lockers located on the second floor of the Fine Arts building. Enrollment in an ART course and sign-up in the Humanities Division office at the beginning of each semester is required. The lockers and locks are distributed on a first-come-first-served basis. Students are responsible to clear out their lockers at the end of each semester. Unclaimed supplies and artwork is recycled or discarded at the end of each semester.

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