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See Communication - Interpersonal - Certificate Of Achievement
See Communication - Presentational - Certificate Of Achievement

As a Communication discipline we strive to help students become effective communicators in diverse personal, professional and educational settings.

Students will achieve the following learning outcomes:

  1. Assist students in skill development and understanding in the areas of speaking, listening, interpersonal, intercultural, and nonverbal communication.
  2. Provide an equitable, respectful, and inclusive communication environment for our students.
  3. Encourage understanding, appreciation, and application of diversity and citizenship.
  4. Encourage critical thinking, effective group dynamics, and collaborative problem solving development as demonstrated in listening, researching, writing and speaking in a variety of settings.
  5. Help students develop language and vocal skills, effective non-verbal behaviors and information literacy.



·        Interpersonal Skills Track

·        Presentational Skills Track


Good communication is one of the most sought after skills for employers.  Why not make yourself more marketable with a Communication Certificate?  No need to sign up, just select which track better fits your career and start taking classes!  While completing your last class, apply for graduation and select Communication Certificate as your achievement.  


Interpersonal Skills

Presentational Skills

            Required Courses:


        COM 114W    Interpersonal Communication

        COM 214W   Small Group Communication

        COM 224W    Nonverbal Communication


Required Courses:


COM 112W    Fundamentals of Oral Communication

COM 202W    Oral Communication for Managers

COM 236W   Advanced Oral Communication*


            Elective Course (choose one):


            COM 112W    Fundamentals of Oral Communication

            COM 202W    Oral Communication for  Managers

            COM 212W   Listening

            COM 215W   Introduction to Theatre

            COM 222W   Introduction to Acting

            COM 235W    Principles of Persuasion

            COM 236W    Advanced Oral Communication*

            COM 244W    Family Communication

            COM 245W   Intercultural Communication

            COM 246W   Social Media &  Communication

Elective Course (choose one):


COM 114W    Interpersonal Communication

COM 212W    Listening

COM 214W    Small Group Communication

COM 215W    Introduction to Theatre

COM 222W    Introduction to Acting

COM 224W    Nonverbal Communication

COM 235W    Principles of Persuasion

COM 244W    Family Communication

COM 245W    Intercultural Communication

COM 246W   Social Media & Communication


            Total:  12 Credits

Total:  12 Credits

* Denotes courses that require a class prerequisite

* Be sure to check your transferring institution about transferability of courses.

For more information search “Communication” on Delta’s homepage or contact Marilyn Lemerand at or 989.686.9450

Speaker's Help Desk Information:

Lyn Lemerand
(989) 686-9450
Office: S257


Discipline Coordinator:

Adna Howell
(989) 686-9521
Office - S252

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