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Philosophy Department Mission and Values

We are committed to teaching our students how to recognize, understand and think critically about philosophical issues relevant to their lives. We are actively engaged in living the philosophical life personally and professionally.

Philosophy Department Goals

Students will achieve the following learning outcomes:

1. Learn to apply the standards of sound reasoning and ethical decision-making.

2. Develop the ability to understand and evaluate arguments that support positions on different sides of philosophical and ethical issues.

3. Develop the ability to formulate arguments in support of their own philosophical and ethical opinions and conclusions.

4. Learn to apply the methods of philosophy and ethical analysis to their own lives, beliefs and interests; to learn to be self-analyzing, self-questioning, and reflective.

Students with a philosophical education see an improvement in standardized test performance and critical thinking skills. This results in an increased level of academic and professional preparedness and marketability. Individuals with a philosophical background report being able to better satisfy higher-order needs. They also identify as being self-actualized and having more personal freedom and autonomy.

Philosophy can help prepare you for the following careers: College Professor; Teacher; Creative and/or Technical Writing; Executive Level Administration; Editing and Publishing; Law; Mediation; Public Relations; Journalism; Government Positions; Computers and Technology; Non-Profit Organizations; Aesthetics.

Discipline Coordinator
Linda Plackowski
(989) 686-9370
Office - S243

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