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Nolen Gertz

Nolen Gertz, Instructor

Office: S-268
Phone: (989) 686-9290

About Me: I recently completed a book entitled The Philosophy of War and Exile: From the Humanity of War to the Inhumanity of Peace to be published by Palgrave-MacMillan in the Fall of 2014.  In conjunction with my attempt to reframe the problem of combatant suffering generally (and military suicide in particular) as a problem of "not feeling at home in the world" rather than as a problem of having PTSD, I'm currently working with Michael Bean in Delta's Veteran Services Office to start a Student Veterans' Center at Delta.  I am also working with Alan LaFave of HHMFest to try to start a philosophy film series in the area.  

You can find out more about my research here.

Winter 2014 Schedule

12-1pm Office Hours
2-5pm PHL-250 Philosophy of Science and Technology

11-2pm PHL-213W Introduction to Ethics
3-5pm Office Hours
6-9pm PHL-215W Health Care Ethics

4-5pm Office Hours
5-8pm PHL-215W Health Care Ethics

12-1pm Office Hours
2-5pm PHL-210W IT Ethics and Law


  • Ph.D., The New School for Social Research, 2012
  • M.A., The New School for Social Research, 2007
  • B.A., The George Washington University, 2003

Classes Taught

Winter 2013

Fall 2012

  • PHL215W Health Care Ethics (5 sections)

Academic Service

  • Faculty Senator, Humanities Division, Delta College
  • Steering Committee Member, Global Peace Studies Program, Delta College
  • Committee Member, Promoting Humanities Externally Team, Delta College
  • Committee Member, Civic Integration Team, Delta College
  • Reviewer, Ethics and Information Technology, Philosophy and Technology, Ethics & International Affairs
  • Associate, Consortium for Emerging Technologies, Military Operations and National Security (CETMONS)
  • Steering Group Member, Inter-Disciplinary’s 1st Global Conference, “Problems of Democracy”, Prague, Czech Republic (April 30-May 2, 2010)

Select Publications

Journal Articles

  • “Unmanned Warfare: Psychological and Ethical Dimensions”, Humanities and Technology Review, vol. 30, pgs. 57-76 (Fall 2011)
  • “On the Possibility of a Phenomenology of Light”, PhaenEx: Journal of Existential and Phenomenological Theory and Culture, vol. 5, no. 1, pgs. 41-58 (Spring 2010)

Book Chapters

  • “Who Do You Think You Are?”, “Who’s the Philosopher?”, in The Philosophy Shop: Ideas, Activities, and Questions to Get People, Young and Old, Thinking Philosophically, ed. P. Worley, Carmarthen: Crown House Publishing Limited, pgs. 103-105, 297-299 (Fall 2012)
  • “On the Genealogy of a Rivalry”, in The Red Sox and Philosophy, ed. M. Macomber. Chicago: Open Court Press, pgs. 169-182 (Spring 2010)

Magazine Articles

  • “Adventures in Formalism, or I’m Mad as Hell and I’m Going to Take it Some More”, Canon Magazine, Language & Culture Issue, pgs. 35-42 (Spring 2007)

Select Presentations

  • “Combatants, Non-Combatants, and the Meaning of Citizenship”, at The Center for the Study of Citizenship’s Conference, “The Meaning of Citizenship”, at Wayne State University (March 21-23, 2013)
  • “A New Approach to Military Professionalism: On the Need for ‘Soldier-Artists’”, at the 12th annual “Conversation on the Liberal Arts: War and Peace as Liberal Arts”, at the Gaede Institute for the Liberal Arts, Westmont College (February 21-23, 2013)
  • “Why All Students Should Become Artists: On J. Glenn Gray’s Philosophy of Education”, at the 28th Annual LAND Conference, Bay City, MI (February 13-15, 2013) 
  • "What is Just War Theory?", for Professor Jeffrey Dykhuizen's IHU120W Introduction to Global Peace Studies course, Delta College (October 9, 2012)
  • “Duties, Distinctions, and the Dangers to Civil-Military Relations”, at the 2012 International Society for Military Ethics Conference, at the University of San Diego (January 24-27, 2012)
  • “Technology and Suffering in War”, at The Society for Philosophy and Technology Biennial Conference, “Technology and Security”, at University of North Texas (May 26-29, 2011)
  • Moderator, Post-Screening Discussion of “Human, All Too Human: Friedrich Nietzsche”, at The Rubin Museum of Art, New York (December 22, 2010)
  • “Just and Unjust Killing”, at Association for Legal and Social Philosophy Annual Conference, at University of Edinburgh (July 2-4, 2009)
  • “Censorship, Propaganda, and the Production of ‘Shell Shock’ in World War I”, at Inter-Disciplinary 5th Global Conference, “War, Virtual War & Human Security”, Budapest, Hungary (May 5-7, 2008)
  • “Toward a Phenomenology of Light”, at Architecture and Phenomenology International Conference, at Technion I.I.T., Haifa, Israel (May 13-17, 2007)

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