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Torture discussion


Wednesday, September 25 from 1pm - 2pm
N006 (off the Commons)

The Humanities Learning Center Brown Bag Speaker Series Presents "What's Wrong with (How We Think About) Torture?". Bring your lunch and join us for a presentation and discussion with Dr. Nolen Gertz, Instructor of Philosophy.

The idea that the torturer is not simply someone who performs a particular activity but rather someone who, through his activity, becomes something alien and nightmarish to us has become so ingrained in our understanding of torture that it is rather difficult to remember that, regardless of how we might feel about it, the torturer is still a person performing an activity.

Yet if we begin to take this simple fact more seriously and try to understand how particular people came to perform these particular activities then perhaps we can achieve a more realistic depiction of torture that is not just victim versus torturer, but instead something far more complicated.

Torture stands at the furthest extreme of debates surrounding what is permissible in war, and as such presents the clearest example of how the relationship between noncombatants and combatants can lead to the experience of exile and why understanding this experience is so important to contemporary policy debates.

This event is free and open to the public. For more information, contact the Delta College Humanities Learning Center at 989-686-9005.

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