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Life-transforming trainer

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Like many students right out of high school, Tim Daly wasn't sure what career field to pursue. "I'd been at Delta for about two years," he recalled, "just knocking away classes. Then one summer, I came across personal training."

"I've always enjoyed exercise and being involved with sports, but once I was in those classes, that was it. I went from being a crummy student to being on the dean's list."

Fitness Business

Today, Daly is the owner of Saginaw Valley Sports Performance, 1800 S. River Road in Saginaw. The business offers personal training, group classes -- including kettlebell and TRX suspension -- and sports performance training for area students.

"I love seeing change," he said, when asked what he likes most about his career. "Seeing someone totally turn a lifestyle around is the coolest thing."

And, he's looking forward to seeing more of it. "One-on-one training and small group instruction is really booming."

Working With People

Daly said the keys to his success have been experience, empathy and education. "I've always worked out. And, weight has always been a struggle for me, so I can relate to people. I did my internship in the Detroit area, and my boss said it was amazing that I knew more than a lot of interns from universities. He didn't trust the interns to work one-on-one with clients, but he trusted me. I think that says a lot about how well the Delta Faculty prepared me."

Get Fit Tip

What is Daly's number one tip for people wanting to get fit? "Just start. Get over the hump of thinking you should do something and actually do something. For starters, get out and go for a walk."


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