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Science show and tell

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Mark Robertson is a Science Professor, teaching at Delta College since 1990. He is the recipient of the Bergstein Award for Teaching Excellence -- Delta's highest honor. Outside of the classroom you might find him bike riding, hiking, at community concerts or with his daughter in their backyard tree fort.

Why do you choose to work at a community college?

"I love the freedom instructors are given at most community colleges -- including Delta -- to try different teaching techniques and fine-tune the experience we provide to students."

How do you know when your students "get it"?

"In Anatomy and Physiology classes, we encourage a lot of small group exercises among the students at each bench. There is no better feeling in the world than when walking around the lab and watching five independent groups all being led by students themselves! I know they 'get it' when they gain enough confidence to teach the material to other students in their groups."

What does student success mean to you?

"Every student enters the class with different expectations. For some students, they just want to get up to speed and learn what it takes to be a college student in a professional track. Many of my students start the class with just getting a passing grade as their goal. For others, they almost demand perfection in themselves and in their grades.

The fun part of this field is to have them learn how to work together and raise the expectations of the entire group. When the students enjoy coming to class and are always learning together, then I feel that they have been successful."

What do you love about teaching?

"I have loved every day of teaching. I get to work with a great mix of well-educated and committed colleagues who have a wealth of knowledge in their fields. I also get to hang out with a diverse group of students who on the whole would like to better themselves and have a fulfilling job when they are done at Delta. Finally, I work at an institution that values what I do and gives me the freedom to explore new ways of doing it better."

What do students say?*

"Mr. Robertson is an awesome teacher. His class is very challenging and there is a lot of material to covered. The information is very in-depth but if you are willing to put forth the effort, you can do well in his class."

"He knows what he is talking about and loves to answer questions. He really likes his class and shows it."

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