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MIOSHA General Industry Certification

Earn your Safety & Health General Industry Certification by completing a series of MIOSHA safety courses. Employers, workers, union members, safety and health personnel, emergency responders, and college students can benefit from attending courses through the MIOSHA Training Institute.

The MTI reaches out, educates, and leads the state’s employers and employees in improving and advancing workplace safety and health. The MIOSHA Training Institute is introducing a new certification program, which offers participants an opportunity to be recognized for their educational efforts and increased technical expertise.

The courses will offer continuing education credits and maintenance points as well as an opportunity to achieve Level One and Level Two General Safety and Health certifications.


Machine Guarding and Hazard Identification

MTI Level One Elective Course
This half-day course is designed for general industry participants, (maintenance, safety and health professionals, and management personnel). This workshop familiarizes the participant with various types of common machinery and the related safety hazards. The course enables participants to recognize hazards such as those created by points of operations, rotating parts, and flying chips, while providing options for achieving abatement.  

Course Number: CVI-2082
Cost: $90

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Dates: 5/6/14
Time: Tuesday; 9am - 1pm
Location: Delta College Planetarium

For more information about the MIOSHA Safety General Industry Certification, please visit:,1607,7-154-11407-40999--,00.html


MIOSHA Parts 90 & 490 - Permit Required Confined Spaces

MTI Level Two Elective General Industry Course. Required Occupational Health Certificate Course.
The proper application and interpretation of 1910.146, Permit Required Confined Spaces is the primary
objective of this course. Photographs of actual spaces will be used to help understand the definition
and identification of confined and permit required confined spaces. Three means of entering a permit
space are described by 1910.146; these entry procedures will be discussed along with their correct
implementation. Important principles of air monitoring and ventilation will be discussed and actual case
studies will be used to illustrate important concepts.   

Course Number: CVI-2084
Cost: $120

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Dates: 5/8/14
Time: Thursday; 9am - 4pm
Location: Delta College Planetarium


For more information about the MIOSHA Safety General Industry Certification, please visit:,1607,7-154-11407-40999--,00.html











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