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Motorcycle Returning Rider

Delta College sponsors a Motorcycle Safety program in conjunction with the Michigan Department of Education. Upon successful completion of our state-approved Motorcycle Safety Foundation course, the Secretary of State may waive the riding skills test required for a cycle endorsement.  In addition, you must take a Motorcycle Safety course if you fail the state skills test twice or if you are under 18 years of age.  

Delta College currently has 20 nationally certified MSF Rider Coaches on staff. Their instruction experience ranges from 1-19 years. All are veteran riders, some with over 40 years of riding experience. This spring and summer Delta College LifeLong Learning will be offering courses in Motorcycle Novice and Returning Rider.

Requirements for all Motorcycle Safety Courses:
  1. Driver’s license, if 15 years of age - permit & waiver form (on website).
  2. D.O.T. approved helmet.*
  3. Long pants only - no shorts (jeans are suggested).
  4. Boots - no high heels or tennis shoes (ankles must be covered).
  5. Eye protection - goggles or face shield are recommended. Prescription glasses, shatterproof safety glasses and sunglasses are acceptable due to the low speeds on the course. 
  6. Gloves - fitted and full fingered (leather is suggested).

Failure to bring any of these materials will prohibit you from participating in class.

*Delta College acknowledges that the State of Michigan's motorcycle helmet law has changed, but it is still a requirement to wear a D.O.T. approved helmet while participating in any Motorcycle Safety Foundation course.

2015 Motorcycle Returning Rider Schedule

Cost: $25 (non-transferable, non-refundable)
Location: All Motorcycle classes are held in rooms S-225 & S-226 on Delta's Main Campus and the driving ranges 

This one day course is designed for the experienced, but unlicensed, rider to become licensed and legal. Many experienced, licensed riders use this course as a refresher. Topics will include braking, counter steering, turning, speed judgment, and other techniques necessary for the experienced rider to operate a motorcycle skillfully and safely. Your riding abilities will be evaluated during the first two range exercises. These skills include using the clutch/throttle, stopping, negotiating roadway turns and curves, and smooth shifting. You will not be able to continue the class if you do not demonstrate adequate basic riding skills and no refund will be given. Successful completion will waive the Secretary of State riding skills test.

You are encouraged to provide your own motorcycle for this course as you should be familiar with how your motorcycle operates. Your motorcycle must be titled and insured in your name, properly registered, display a valid license plate, and pass a safety inspection. Please note, if you are taking this course for endorsement purposes, you should be “trailering” your motorcycle to/from class. If you are unable to legally transport your motorcycle, Delta College will provide a motorcycle for your use that day.   

Course Number Date Time
CMR-1020-SP400 (Session Filled)
5/16/15 Saturday; 
8am - 6pm
CMR-1020-SP405 (Session Filled)
5/17/15 Sunday;
8am - 6pm
CMR-1020-SP410 (Session Filled)
6/13/15 Saturday;
8am - 6pm
CMR-1020-SP415 6/14/15 Sunday;
8am - 6pm


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