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LifeLong Learning

LifeLong Learning Financial Aid/Refund Information

Non-Credit Financial Aid

Note: The Pell grant does not apply to these programs.

Grants and sponsorships you may qualify for are:

1. The Board of Trustees Grant*: Call 989-686-9080 (Midland/Auburn 1-989-495-4000, ext. 9080.) To make an appointment, please call the Financial Aid Office at 989-686-9080. Midland: 495-4000 ext. 9080. Eligibility requirements apply. Download Board of Trustees Grant Application.

2. Michigan Works! Offices in Saginaw (989-249-5232), Bay (989-667-0500) and Midland (989-631- 3073) counties.

3. America Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP)  - Scholarships for Medical Laboratory Students - Visit: for complete information.

LifeLong Learning Payment Deadline and Refund Policy

Payment Deadline

Payment is due at the time of registration for all LifeLong Learning programs and is required to complete the registration process. When you register, a seat is reserved which obligates you to pay fees for that seat. If your payment is not sufficient or subsequently adjusted for changes in scholarship or sponsor authorization, Delta College reserves the right to drop you for non-payment or submit your unpaid student account balance to legal collection process. You will be responsible to pay any collection and attorney fees resulting from legal collection process. If you drop from your program, any refund due to you will be processed in accordance with the LifeLong Learning Refund Information posted below.

LifeLong Learning Department Refund/Retake Information

100% REFUND prior to the start date of program. Some LifeLong Learning programs have non-refundable, non-transferrable fees.

We realize that extenuating circumstances may arise on or after the start date of the program/class.  In those cases, please complete the Delta College LifeLong Learning Request for Refund/Retake Form and submit it with supporting documentation.  Return the completed form and documentation to LifeLong Learning within one week of withdrawal/drop from class for review.

By mail or in person:   
LifeLong Learning, H-Wing
Delta College
1961Delta Road
University Center, MI  48710

If submitting the form electronically, you may attach supporting documentation via email to

Once received, you will be notified of a determination regarding your request within two business days. 


We can help! Call us at (989) 686-9444 or send us an email at


LifeLong Learning Personnel has made every reasonable effort to determine that everything stated on this page was accurate at the time it was published. Programs and Testing Services offered and related fees, with other matters contained therein, are subject to change or cancellation without notice by Delta College LifeLong Learning for reasons related to student enrollment, or for any reason, at the discretion of the college. Delta College LifeLong Learning reserves the right to cancel class and test sessions.

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