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NAiLED Process

NAiLED Process

An overview of the search process using available resources to get the information you need. When the information you have found makes a difference, you have completed a Successful Information Search.


    • Every search starts with a need for information.
    • The need is usually brought about by a class assignment.
    • The need can also occur when you have to make other decisions in your life such as buying a new car, taking a vacation, or finding a support group to help you through a crisis in your life.

Available information

    • Identify the resources available that might help you locate the specific information you need. For class work, these are usually books, periodicals, or videos.
    • Resources can also be people, agencies, or businesses.
    • Or information from the Internet -- e-mail, listservs, newsgroups, personal webpages, organization webpages, and more.
    • As you advance in your education, you will gain more knowledge about the information resources in your field of specialty.


    • Every resource usually has an index to help you find specific information.
    • Develop general search strategies.
    • Use specific indexes for specific resources.


    • Once you find your information, you must evaluate it.
    • See if it will be helpful to you.
    • Learn what is meant by these information literacy terms -- primary sources, scholarly journals, bibliographic citations, and others.
    • You will need to use common sense and critical thinking skills when evaluating the information.


    • Once you have found useful information, do something with it.
    • Write that paper.
    • Buy that car.
    • Take that vacation.
    • Give that presentation.
    • Demonstrate that skill.
    • Attend that support group meeting.
    • Once you have found useful information, do something with it.

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