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Entry #6
Difference between Research
Article and a Standard Article
Librarian's Tips

The Entry #6 Using Reputable Science Periodical Articles assignment calls for you to find a standard article and not a research article.

About now, probably, you are asking yourself HOW CAN I TELL THE DIFFERENCE?

First, let's look at a scholarly article featuring original research. This is NOT a standard article or editorial.

  • The following article is a scholarly RESEARCH article that has something to do with stem cells.
  • Notice that the abstract (summary) mentions "BACKGROUND" information; "METHODS" for the methodology used; and "RESULTS" or "CONCLUSIONS" of the study. This is a very standard procedure for research articles, or studies. These words should be the clues that you need to look for. The abstract, or article, should mention these features if the article really is based on original research, or is a scholarly study.
  • The research article should NOT JUST state some facts or background information. The research article should NOT JUST mention other findings from other studies. The research article should present the original research.


let's take a look at a standard scholarly article. The following article is NOT a research article or study.

  • Although the following article offers some features that can be found in a research article, it is NOT a research article. The following article's information may be hard to read because it uses scientific language, like a research article. The article is peer-reviewed as it was analyzed by professionals. There is a short list of references that the author used. However, it is a standard scholarly article for the following reasons:

  • If you read the abstract (summary) of this "standard" scholarly article, you will NOT see anything about "BACKGROUND"; "METHODS" for the methodology used; or "RESULTS" or "CONCLUSIONS."
  • If you read this abstract, or the article, you will see that this article is just reporting that "therapeutic gene transfer for treating certain human diseases, so-called somatic gene therapy, has had some limited successes." The article is stating facts and information based on other scientists' research.


Here is another example of what a "standard" article is like. If you read the abstract, the article is more of just background or summary information about the intestine.



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