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How To Find Scholarly Peer-Reviewed Articles in EBSCO

EBSCO is a company that provides a number of databases (computers) that contain full-text (entire) articles AND citations (listing of author, title of article, name of the publication).

This tutorial will show you how to use OmniFile to find scholarly peer-reviewed journal articles. OmniFile is the one database within EBSCO that provides all full-text (entire) articles. In addition to this, OmniFile covers a little bit of everything when it comes to topics. Social Sciences Full-Text covers all kinds of social and psychological issues. CINAHL covers all kinds of allied health, nursing, and medical topics. If you know how to search OmniFile, then you will be able to search the other EBSCO databases.



The library's magazine and journal web page is located at

Once you access this web page, you will need to click on the EBSCO ON-campus link if you are accessing EBSCO from ON CAMPUS OR you will need to click on the EBSCO OFF-campus link if you are accessing EBSCO from OFF CAMPUS. These are two DIFFERENT links. OFF-campus access requires you to use your Delta College username and password.


STEP TWO: Select Database

For this example, we are going to search OmniFile Full Text Select database,  so we need to scroll down the page to select OmniFile.

You can  CLICK on the title "OmniFile Full Text Select." If you want to select OmniFile and other databases to search at the same time, then you can click within the little white boxes next to the titles of the databases in order to place checkmarks within the boxes. Click on the continue button at the bottom or top of the screen and the computer will search the databases that you selected. However, for this example, we are going to search OmniFile, only.




STEP THREE: Selecting Options

You will be presented with a web page full of options. You need to make some choices.

Let's say that you need to find scholarly, peer-reviewed journal articles on the topic of stem cells. You decide to write a paper on the specific topic on how stem cells are being used to regenerate heart tissue.

We are going to type the keywords of stem cells and heart. We could use other keywords, such as regeneration, but these three keywords are good enough to see what is available, for now. We can  use different keywords, later.  When we are ready to search later, we can click on the "Search" button. HOWEVER, we need to choose other options FIRST. Do NOT click on the "Search" button, yet.


SCROLL down the screen to look under "Limit your results."

The little white box under "Full Text" will be empty. You need to click within the white box to place a checkmark there. This tells OmniFile to find and present only those articles that are full-text (entire article).  Many records within these databases are citations, only. Most databases will have some type of option to select in order for the computer to provide entire articles.



Way to the right of the "Full Text" option (on the right side of screen) will be the "Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals" option.  The white box will be empty, so you need to click within the empty white box so that a checkmark will be placed within that box. This tells OmniFile to find articles from scholarly peer-reviewed journals, ONLY. Although the articles presented will be from peer-reviewed journals, YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION to the content of the article. The article may be an editorial, review of a book, or something other than a scholarly research study.

We need to repeat that the type and length of article may vary.


OKAY, you selected full-text, scholarly (peer-reviewed) journal option, and you typed your keywords in the search box. You are all set to make OmniFile find some peer-reviewed articles about stem cells and the heart.

CLICK on the "Search" button.



STEP FOUR: The Results

You will see a list of citations (title of article, author, title of journal, date of publication, volume number, and page information). Often, this information is needed for citing your article in MLA or APA format.

If you click on the title of the article, you will be presented with more of a record, including an abstract (summary of the article).

You can click on the "PDF Full Text" link to open up the PDF scanned image of the entire article. The choice is up to you whether to click on the title or click on the PDF or HTML full text link on this citation page.



STEP FIVE: Printing the PDF Article

Printing the PDF file can be tricky. If the article is in "HTML full text" then the page prints the standard way, such as printing a page off the Web by using the web browser print button.  However, when you click on the PDF link, then the Adobe PDF program is activated and the printing options can be different than what you are use to seeing. There are a couple of options available in order to print the entire PDF article.

Printing PDF Article: OPTION ONE:

The printer icon in the far upper right of the screen seems to consistently print ONLY the citation of the article. This might be okay because most people need the citation in order to cite the article. HOWEVER, if you want to print the entire PDF file  (article), then this icon will not work.

If you move the mouse pointer over the lower part of the document on the screen, then another menu appears. This menu keeps coming and going. When this menu appears, CLICK ON THE PRINTER ICON.



  The following window will open when you click on the printer icon:


The page is set up to print "ALL" the pages.  Click on the "Print" button within this opened window and all the pages of the PDF article will print.


Printing PDF Article: OPTION TWO:

"Right click" the mouse when the article appears on the computer screen.

The following window will appear on the screen.

Click on " Print..."


After clicking on Print..., the following menu will appear:

The page is set up to print "ALL" the pages. Click on the "Print" button within this opened window and all the pages of the PDF article will print.


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