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EBSCO Databases Tutorial 

EBSCO is a company that provides a number of databases (computers) that contain full-text (entire) articles AND/OR citations (listing of author, title of periodical, name of the publication).  If you know how to search one of EBSCO's databases then you will know how to search almost all of EBSCO's databases. For this BASIC tutorial, we will search EBSCO's Readers' Guide Full Text Mega database in order to find full-text articles about "stem cells."


The library's magazine and journal web page is located at

Once you access this web page, you will need to click on the EBSCO ON-campus link if you are accessing EBSCO from ON CAMPUS OR you will need to click on the EBSCO OFF-campus link if you are accessing EBSCO from OFF CAMPUS. These are two DIFFERENT links. OFF-campus access requires you to use your Delta College username and password.



You will see a long list of databases that will provide records or full-text (entire) articles based on the subject of the database.  EBSCO allows you to search one database at at time OR more than one database at a time. We will show you how to select one database to search or select a couple of databases to search at the same time.

For this example/tutorial, we will scroll down the list and CLICK ON THE TITLE of the database called "Readers' Guide Full Text Mega."   We select "Readers' Guide" because it is a well-respected source for magazine (not journal) articles on a variety of general subjects.

IF you want to select more than one database to search at the same time, then click within the small white box next to the title of the database. A check mark should appear within each box to indicate that you selected the database. EBSCO will highlight the selections to help indicate the databases that are selected.

The next step is to scroll DOWN or scroll UP the page in order to click on the "Continue" button.



STEP Three: Whether you select one database or multiple databases, the following screen is what you should see.  We are searching for stem cells within Readers' Guide Full Text Mega for this tutorial.

There is a lot going on with this screen.

The search box allows you to type the keywords that you want to find in your article. We typed stem cells because we want magazine articles about stem cells.

You will see the words "Full Text" next to a small white box. Most people want the computer to retrieve full-text (entire) articles, only. If you want the computer to retrieve records that contain the entire article, then click within the small box next to the words "Full Text."

Next, all you have to do is click on the "Search" button and the computer will search Readers' Guide Full Text Mega to find full-text articles on the subject of stem cells.



STEP Four:

Readers' Guide Full Text Mega will present a long list of records (citations). Scroll down the page in order to find the right article for you.  For this example, we will view the article titled "The Cellular Divide." According to the record, the authors are Howard Fineman and Tamara Lipper. This article can be located in the June 6, 2005 issue of Newsweek on pages 22-25.

CLICK on the title of the article in order to see more of the record AND the full-text (entire article).


STEP Five: Citation and Abstract (summary of the article)

After clicking on the title, you will be presented with the citation and abstract (summary of the article.)

Scroll down the screen in order to view the entire article.



STEP Six:  PRINTING the Article.

EBSCO databases are sophisticated and offer a variety of options to search, print, and do other things. In keeping with trying to show just the BASICS on how to use these databases to find a full-text article, we will show the most basic way to print the article.

Click on "File" in the upper left corner of the screen.

A drop-down window will appear where you can click on "Print."

 NEXT, click on the "Print" button and the article will be printed.



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