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Entry #5 Using Popular 
Science Magazines
Librarian's Tips

Wilson Web's General Science computer database (index) will lead you to some scholarly science articles AND popular science magazine articles such as those found in Discover, Science News, and Scientific American. Some of the articles are full-text (the entire text of the article), but some records in General Science Index  are just a citation and abstract. Delta Library has some popular science magazines such as Discover and Science News, so if the article is not full-text within the database then you can see if the magazine is on the periodical shelves.

Step 1: You need to select "General Science Full Text" by clicking within the box next to "General Science Full Text." 



Step 2: Type your keywords within the search box. For this example, we will search for stem cells.

The professor has named some popular science magazines, so you can search within those magazines by clicking on the "down arrow" and select "Source" rather than "Keyword."

Type the name of the magazine, such as Science News.



Step 3: You are almost ready to make the General Science computer search for articles about stem cells in the source, Science News.  

It is optional if you want to select "Full-Text."  If you do NOT search a specific magazine then it may be in your best interest to click within the "Full-Text" box. The computer will search for all articles that are full-text with the words stem cells somewhere within the full-text of the article. General Science database will present a list of articles that are all full-text.

Click on the "Start" button and the computer will search for the articles.


Step 4: General Science will present a list of citations (author, title of the article, publication, date).  This search found 104 records.

Click on the title of the article (link) to open up the record and see more information.

Step 5:
After clicking on the title, you will see more of the record. Often, you will see an abstract (summary) of the article.

Step 6:
  SCROLL down the screen after viewing the abstract and then you will see the entire article IF the article is available full-text. Please note that NOT all articles within General Science database are full-text.




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