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Generate Research Paper Topics

The following worksheet is designed to assist the student in generating research paper topics. Each student is to receive a topic worksheet and to complete STEP 1. Make sure to give the class at least 5 to 10 minutes per step before trading worksheets.


NAME: _______________________________________

    1. In the space below, brainstorm all the possible research topics you are interested in researching. Do not judge, just write down everything you can think of. Then circle the one which interests you most. Pass this sheet to the person to your right.
    2. Look at the research idea circled in STEP 1. Brainstorm all the ways in which this research paper topic can be developed. Also, ask any questions that you think might help the original student when considering options and possibilities, etc. (For example, Is this topic too broad? If so, suggest a narrower topic. Is this topic too narrow? If so, suggest a broader topic.) Pass this sheet to your right.
    3. Look at the ideas circled in STEP 1 as it developed in STEP 2. Add any ideas you can. Then list all the resources you can think of (books, videos, periodicals, people in the community) which could be used by the student developing the idea. Pass this sheet to your right.
    4. Reread STEPS 1-3. Add anything you can. When finished, return the form to the original student.

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