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InfoTrac Basic Keyword Search Tutorial

Step ONE:

There are several options for accessing the Library Journal and Magazine web page, but this is the direct link to where you need to be in order to access InfoTrac:


Step TWO:

There are two DIFFERENT links. Click on the "InfoTrac On-Campus Link" if you are accessing InfoTrac from ON-Campus. Click on the "Off-Campus Link" if you are trying to access InfoTrac from home or OFF-campus. Use your Delta username and password when accessing InfoTrac from off-campus.



For this example, we are going to pretend that you need to find specific information about a country. Let's say that you need to find journal and magazine articles covering the Russian business culture. What is it like to do business in Russia these days?

We are going to use the keywords of Russia and culture and business. We can try other words later, but for this first attempt we will type in the search box Russia and culture and business. We want InfoTrac to find articles that contain the words Russia and culture and business.

Click on the "Search" button and then InfoTrac will search for the articles.


Step FOUR:

There is A LOT to explain on this one screen.

InfoTrac found 147 magazine articles. InfoTrac presents a long list of citations (title of the article, title of the publication, date of the article, maybe the author).

Look on the left side of the screen under "Content Types." In addition to 147 magazine articles, InfoTrac found 85 "Academic Journal" articles, one book, 625 newspaper articles, and one video. You can click on any of these links.

Most people want full-text articles, ONLY. Most people want more than just a citation and abstract (summary) of the article. You can tell InfoTrac to produce only full-text (entire) articles. On the far left side of the computer screen is a little white box next to the words "to documents with full text."  Click within the little white box next to the words "to documents with full text" and a check mark will appear within the box. Immediately, InfoTrac will present only those articles that are full-text (entire article) that contain your keywords.


Step FIVE:

InfoTrac reformatted the search and presents you with 124 full-text (entire) magazine articles.

Click on any title of article or  "Full-text" link below the citation in order to view the full-text (entire) article.

 Scroll down the page and you can click on another page of citations to view.


Step SIX:

We did not see anything that we wanted until the second or third page. It is normal that you have to search through a number of citations in order to find something that is exactly what you need.

We are going to choose citation number 29. The title of the article is "Russia's Ever-Changing Environment." The article can be found in the October 1, 2008, volume 44, issue 10 of Ward's Auto World. This article has a word count of 1260 which means that the article will be about two or three pages long.

Click on the title of the article or the "Full-text" link below the summary (abstract) in order to view the article.



InfoTrac presents the full-text of the article on the screen.

Following is one of several options available in order to print the article.

Click on the "Print" link in the upper right corner of the screen, under "Tools."



InfoTrac reformats the screen so that all of the text will be printed.

Click on the "Print" button in the lower right corner of the window.


Step NINE:

Another print window appears in the upper left portion of the screen. This is where you can choose to print "All" the pages or just some of the pages.

Click on the "Print" button and the article will be printed.


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