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How to Print the Citation
from InfoTrac







Step ONE:

Some assignments require you to print the citation. The citation will indicate which database was used for finding the article. For this example, the article is "From General OneFile." There are a couple of different options available to print the citation. Both options require you to save the document

One option is to save the document (citation) from the list of citations. Click within the white box next to the title of the citation. Once you do this, a check mark will appear within the box and the record will be shaded/highlighted in a grayish color.

The other option is on the page that has the full-text of the article. Toward the top middle of the computer screen will be a little white box next to the text "Save this document."  Click within the box in order to save the document.  Once you click within the box, a check mark will appear within the box. At the same time, a "Saved Documents" message will appear in the right corner of the screen.



Step TWO:

Once you click within the little white box and save the document, a "Saved Documents" message appears in the upper right corner of the screen. This happens whether you use the record on the citation list OR the full-text record.

Click on the "View All" button.


 Step THREE:

 InfoTrac will provide the citation (as seen below), after you clicked on the "View All" button in the previous step.

There are a couple of options for printing the citation, but the EASIEST way to print this citation is to use the web browser's printer button in the upper right corner of the screen. The page with the citation should print as soon as you click on the printer button/picture.


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