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InfoTrac: How to Print a Citation

Step One

Some assignments call for the student to print the CITATION, only. Usually, the citation consists of the title of the article, title of the magazine, author (if there is one), date of the magazine, and page number(s).

You will need to MARK the citation in order to print the citation. Click within the little white box next to the title of the article. A check-mark should appear within the white box.

InfoTrac Citation Printing Tutorial

Step Two

Scroll up the screen. Click on the "MARKED ITEMS" link in the upper right of the screen.

InfoTrac Citation Printing Tutorial

Step Three

This screen shows the citation that you need to print. You need to print this page. Click on the printer icon (button) that is in the upper right corner of the screen.

 InfoTrac Citation Printing Tutorial

Step Four

You need to choose (click) "Citation List" in order to print the citation. You do NOT want to print the entire document at this time. Make sure that there is a black dot within the white circle next to "Citation List."  The latest edition of MLA format is the SEVENTH edition. You need to click within the white circle next to "MLA 7th Edition" in order to format the citation according the 7th edition of MLA.

When you are ready to print the citation, click on the "PRINT" button on the bottom of the screen.

InfoTrac Citation Printing Tutorial

Step Five

A print window will appear on the screen.  Click on the print button and the printer will print the citation.

InfoTrac Citation Printing Tutorial

Step Six

The citation should look something like this:



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