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JSTOR Tutorial

STEP ONE: Accessing JSTOR from ON and OFF campus.

There are TWO DIFFERENT links. Use the "On-Campus link" in order to access JSTOR when you are at Delta College.

Click on the "OFF-Campus Link" in order to access JSTOR from home or some location outside of Delta College. JSTOR will recognize Delta College's IP address so that you can access JSTOR from off-campus. This works IF you click on the OFF-campus link when you are OFF campus.


STEP TWO: Type Your Delta College Username and Password within the Boxes and then Click on "Login".



STEP THREE: JSTOR's Basic Search Page


Always, JSTOR is changing things such as the way the search screen appears. This screen example shows how JSTOR mentions that JSTOR now provides access to books. OFTEN, JSTOR screens will change. There are different options for searching, but for this example we will search as basically as we can by typing a topic in the search box and clicking on the "Search" button. The following screen will show how to search for the topic of "mental illness."


A favorite topic for research papers is some type of mental illness such as bipolar disorder and depression, to name just a couple. The simplest way to search JSTOR is to type the topic in the search box and then click the "Search" button.


STEP FOUR: The Results Screen. You are provided with a list of CITATIONS and OPTIONS.

There is A LOT to explain here so please keep scrolling down this screen.

The top of the screen shows that there are 11,227 records that have something to do with mental illness. The results include journal articles, books, and pamphlets.

You can click on one of the tabs in order to limit the list to journal articles OR books OR pamphlets.  MOST of these results will be  journal articles.

You are provided with a list of CITATIONS. Usually a citation will provide the title of the article, authors of the article, title of the journal, volume number, issue number, date of the article, and page numbers. This screen capture shows the first two citations of over 11,227 citations.

Most people want to VIEW THE ENTIRE ARTICLE. Within the CITATION, there will be a link that reads as "Article PDF."  In order to view, print, download, or email the entire article, YOU NEED TO CLICK ON the "Article PDF" link in order to open the document.



STEP FIVE: Accept the Copyright Terms and Conditions

The following message will appear. CLICK on "Accept JSTOR's Terms and Conditions and proceed to PDF" link.



STEP SIX: The TOP of the Document can be Confusing.

This is what the top of the PDF file / article will look like. SCROLL DOWN THE SCREEN TO VIEW THE ENTIRE ARTICLE.
When you see this citation at the top of the screen, SCROLL DOWN THE SCREEN.

You will see the text from the first page AFTER scrolling down the screen. You can keep scrolling down the screen in order to see the entire article.



STEP SEVEN: Print, Download, and Email Options.

The red arrows show which icons (pictures) to choose in order to print, download, or email the entire article.

Click on the printer icon/button and you will be provided with options to print.

Click on the floppy disk icon/button and you will be presented with an option on where you want the article downloaded.

Click on the mailing envelope icon/button and an email screen will appear where you can type the email address.

The other major arrows on this screen allow you to navigate through the article page-by-page.


There are times when people try to access the databases, such as JSTOR, from home and cannot access the database. Here are some common reasons why people are not able to access these databases from off campus.

1. Most of the time that people cannot access the database (from home)  is that they click the ON-campus link. When you are off campus and you click the on-campus link, then the link sends you directly to the company’s server. The company asks you for the proper password that the company supplies the library. The problem is that Delta Library pays for special software that tells the company that you are accessing the database from ON CAMPUS, when in fact you are using the OFF-campus link to access the database from home. When you click on the OFF-campus link, then special software makes the company's computer think that you are ON campus. The company recognizes the IP address IF you click on the OFF-campus link. All you should have to do is type your Delta College username and password within the two boxes and then click on the "Login" button.

2. Is the "Caps Lock" key on? Most usernames and passwords are in lowercase. When the "Caps Lock" is on, then what you type within the username and password boxes will be in uppercase.  The usernames and passwords are case sensitive.

3. All too often, either the computer server at the database company OR something with the Delta College server goes down. Usually, the issue is with the company that provides database access. Often, the database access will work after 15 or 30 minutes. Please keep trying to access the database using the OFF-campus link.

4. Some students have called us from their job or some other similar location. They cannot access the databases using their work computer or using their own computer using their work’s WiFi system. It is very possible that the security software (firewalls) at the student’s place of employment prevents access to the database.

5. Some professors try to place links within D2L intending that you can click on the link and go directly to the company's database document, such as an EBSCO, InfoTrac, CINAHL, or JSTOR document.  We have seen that sometimes this works and sometimes it does not. Once again, it has to do with the recognized IP address. For some reason, the company will recognize the link if you are at Delta College but not off campus if the link is within D2L. The only way that we know around this is for the instructor to download a JSTOR PDF document to D2L. There are restrictions, but it is possible due to the Fair Use Policy. The instructor has the PDF document within D2L and can provide a link to the JSTOR article that should open up because the link goes to the PDF document that is within D2L. The link does NOT go to JSTOR.

PLEASE contact the Reference Desk at 1-989-686-9560 IF you have any questions about accessing any of the databases.



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